Fuyuan procuratorate issues first Order on Family Education supervision

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Real-name authentication Public account: Qujing Zhujiang Wechat Account:On February 8, 2022, the People’s Procuratorate of Fuyuan County issued the first Supervision and Supervision Order of the New Year and Supervision and Family Education Order.This is also the first order of Family Education supervision issued by Fuyuan Procuratorate after the Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China came into effect on January 1, 2022.Recently, the people’s procuratorate FuYuan County in dealing with cases involving minors together found in the process, just turned 14 years old and a three minors has just turned 17 years old, due to the perennial migrant workers, lack of the supervision of parents, after junior high school just stay home and live alone, the lack of effective family education for a long time, the four minors failed to set up the correct outlook on life and values,He committed illegal acts and seriously affected his physical and mental health.Between parents and children, blood IS thicker than water.Family is the cornerstone of children’s growth, and family education is crucial to the healthy growth of minors.According to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Promotion of Family Education, the People’s Procuratorate of Fuyuan County issued a Guardianship order and a Family Education Order to the parents of the four minors for lack of parental guardianship.At the same time, the People’s Procuratorate of Fuyuan County invited relevant cadres and representatives from the county Public Security Bureau, the county women’s Federation and the county Customs Committee to participate in the family education and guidance for their parents.First of all, prosecutors, police officers, county, county closes working committee, vice President of All-China Women’s Federation leaders one by one, points out their daily monitoring in breach of the problems existing in the education, and suggests that parents no matter at home or migrant farm, daughter to live with him, at the end of every company to take care of, to master scientific family education methods, communicate more with their daughter, listen to the child,We should pay more attention to their physical and psychological conditions and emotional needs and guide them to grow up in a healthy and comprehensive way.Later, according to the particularity of the case, individual guidance to minors and parents one by one.Wu officer (male) to carry out the education for minors father, father is the backbone of a family, is also the children rely on, on behalf of the majesty and brave, and growth of their children has a profound effect in word and deed, must with the mother custody of their children, not only provides material life security, must also bear the responsibility of education.County women’s federation vice chairman and customs work committee leadership to the female perspective of minors and mothers separate guidance, for the mother put forward why to have children?What kind of family do children want to grow up in and how to educate them?What are the responsibilities of being a mother?Mother is the greatest and most important person in a family, especially for children. Teaching by words and deeds is very important for children. I hope mothers can reflect on themselves and pay attention to education.Hope that children can establish the right concept of money, through the industrious hands to strive to obtain wealth, rather than take a shortcut.With the help of individual care, the teenagers shed tears of regret, with one saying she wanted to go back to school and the other three saying they would learn skills such as hairdressing and beauty to avoid wasting their youth.Finally, the deputy chairman of the county women’s Federation, county customs committee of the leadership of minors to send life messages, and leave contact information, hope they can learn lessons, down to earth to live a good new life, and said that will continue to return to school or learn new skills to provide education, skills training and other related help.Four of the parents of a minor, listen to the prosecutor and the policemen, representatives of women’s federation and closes working committee on behalf of the views and Suggestions, signed the “family education responsibility pledge”, and said it would take children migrant workers, let the children learn labor skills, live together with education, help children establish correct outlook on life and values, earnestly fulfill their duties of guardianship,Take responsibility for family education.Next, the people’s procuratorate FuYuan County will continue to be based on the law of the People’s Republic of China on family education promotion act, “the minor protection law of the People’s Republic of China” and the highest detection at juvenile cases dealt with in fully implementing the request of “urged the order”, earnestly implement the procuratorial functions and duties, carry out professional guidance for family education of minors involved family,Pressure family education responsibility with procuratorial power, let love return, family education guardianship is not absent.What is the background of “supervision and custody order”?Family protection is the basis of ensuring the healthy growth of minors, the newly revised minors protection law, “the prevention of juvenile delinquency” determines the procuratorial organ of legal supervision, since June 1, 2021, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate decision in handling cases involving minors in accordance with the law to carry out the work “urged the order”.The supervision and supervision order reflects the supervision and intervention of procuratorial organs on guardianship, urges and guides the guardians to earnestly perform their guardianship duties, and escorts the healthy growth of minors.What is a guardianship order?The supervision and guardianship order refers to the procuratorial work documents issued by the People’s Procuratorate to the guardians to fulfill their guardianship duties in accordance with the law when the people’s Procuratorate finds that the guardians have problems such as lax discipline and absence of guardianship in handling cases involving minors, which affect the healthy growth of minors and lead to illegal crimes or infringement of minors.In what cases does the supervision order target?Mainly for the five cases :(1) conditional non-prosecution cases;(2) to handle a case without approval for arrest or prosecution;(3) the minor victims are left-behind children, single-parent families, children of migrant workers, disabled or mentally retarded or other special groups;(4) The guardian of the minor victim is seriously derelict in his duty, thus infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of the minor;(5) other cases requiring supervision and supervision.The law of the People’s Republic of China on family education promotion law “article 14 of the parents or other guardians of minors shall set up the family is the first class, parents are the first teachers responsibility consciousness, implement the body of the family education for minors responsibility, with correct ideas, methods, and develop good behavior education minors thoughts, behaviors and habits.Other family members who live together and have full capacity for civil conduct shall assist and cooperate with the parents or other guardians of minors in carrying out family education.Article 49 the public security organs, people’s procuratorates and people’s courts in handling cases in the process, found that there are serious juvenile bad behavior or commit crimes, or the parents or other guardians of minors not correct implementation of the family education infringe on the lawful rights and interests of minors, depending on the situation of parents or other guardians reprimand him,They may also be ordered to receive family education and guidance.The Supervision and Guardianship Order focuses on intervention norms and admonitions, urging guardians to fulfill their guardianship duties and fulfill their obligations of supervision, protection and upbringing.The Order focuses on helping guide parents to use the right way to reasonably implement family education, and requires parents to accept the guidance of family education from relevant departments, so as to improve the quality and effect of judicial protection for minors.Source: Qujing Procurator Fuyuan procurator