Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying have officially announced their divorce, after a wedding that rocked the entertainment industry.

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At noon on January 28, 2022, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy officially announced their divorce on their weibo accounts.Huang xiaoming and Angelababy Yang Ying wrote on their Micro blogs, “We are grateful for all we have in the past, but we are still family in the future,” and they thanked each other.According to their studios, the divorce was amicable and the couple completed the paperwork a few days ago to officially end their marriage. They will be raising their child together and accompanying him as he grows up.At the beginning, huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying’s wedding can be said to have shocked the entire entertainment circle, the attendance of many artists is very much, many people at that time think that these two people are a golden couple.However, who did not expect, now two people also go their separate ways, this point still let us feel very sad.In fact, there have been numerous reports of marital discord between the two in recent years, mainly because Huang was already a famous star when their relationship was first revealed, while Angelababy is far less famous than Huang.But after they got married, Baby’s fame caught up with Huang xiaoming and even surpassed him in his ability to benefit the world.In fact, after divorce, many people are more concerned about the property division of both parties.Huang Xiaoming invested in many star projects, and Huang Xiaoming is also very business-savvy, in addition to the film and television field, in the investment field also has achievements.In 2008, Huang xiaoming bought 1.8 million shares of Huayi Brothers, and later increased his stake to 3.6 million shares, making him a billionaire.In fact, Yang Ying also has her own commercial territory, eye shadow is popular by running man, after this there are a lot of advertising and endorsement, according to incomplete statistics, Yang Ying’s highest salary can reach 80 million yuan, so Yang Ying’s assets are also very large.In 2020, Yang Ying even won the Forbes Celebrity edition of China 16th, while Huang Xiaoming is dropped to the 76th, it is because of Yang Ying’s successful counter-attack, so there are many irreconcilable contradictions between Huang Xiaoming and eye shadow.And now the two have also announced divorce, how do you think their assets should be divided?