Let athletes leave unforgettable Memories of the Winter Olympics (Olympic and ME)

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With athletes around the world looking forward to it, the Beijing Winter Olympics have begun.Since the start of the tournament, I have been moved by the wonderful matches, pleasing breakthroughs and sincere friendship.As an athlete, I have participated in the Winter Olympics three times, and each time I was very impressed.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, coming in the footsteps of the start of Spring, will meet with the Chinese New Year. The Olympic culture and the Chinese New Year culture are intertwined and will leave unforgettable memories for athletes around the world.Since the establishment of the Athletes’ Commission of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, IT has been a great honor for me and 18 other athletes to make suggestions and suggestions for the preparation of the Winter Olympics.Over the past six years, we have made hundreds of comments and suggestions, such as the design details of the venues and gluten-free food on the menu of the athletes’ restaurant, which have been taken seriously by the organizing committee.As athletes’ clothes may break during figure skating competitions, the operation team of the Capital Gymnasium has prepared sewing kits and specially arranged rooms for athletes to use.The Capital Stadium is a venue I know very well, HAVING trained here for many years.Now, the stadium has taken on a new look, showing the charm of Beijing, the “Double Olympic City”.In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, I was the opening ceremony of the Olympic flag bearer;In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, I became the torchbearer of the opening ceremony, with the same honor and pride.In the process of preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, I am delighted to witness the booming development of ice and snow sports in China.At the time of Beijing’s successful bid, China barely competed in one third of the 109 events. Now the Chinese delegation has qualified for 104 events.I was lucky enough to witness the moment when The Chinese short track speed skating team won the mixed team relay at the Capital Gymnasium. I was very excited at that moment.We have achieved the goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, which is China’s outstanding contribution to the Olympic Movement and the world’s ice and snow sports.During the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, I had an interview with a group of Chinese high school students and made a four-year commitment to the Games.Recently, I received a letter from a young reporter who is volunteering in yanqing Competition area.Like a seed, the Winter Olympics planted a desire in the hearts of more people to participate in ice sports.Under our hard irrigation, I believe that this seed will eventually grow into a towering tree.The Winter Olympic Games are now underway. I wish all athletes can realize their dreams in China!(The author is interviewed and edited by Li Shuo, chairman of the Athletes Commission of The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics.) People’s Daily (February 12, 2006 edition)