Others are asking if conscripts can get honor cards.Not in all cases

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Hello, fellow comrades, honor cards will be issued soon, many veterans are concerned about this matter.Veterans ask all kinds of questions.At present, some veterans are still asking some questions, whether it is backstage message, or online communication, just asking our conscripts, that is, comrades who have been in the army for two years, can get the honor card?Also ask, can the extended service receive?There were older veterans, too, like these war veterans, and he was asking if he could get a VA honor card.This topic, in fact, the relevant policy it is very clear.Say of course can get excellent wait for a card, want a few cases according to your individual, because I do not know you are specific what case, say not to answer the problem of him you directly so.However, normally speaking, comrade-in-arms to get a certificate of honor, certainly should have no problem.You can’t get it in all of these cases.So, this is just a case where you can’t get a honor pass, and if that’s not the case, you can.I have written before that there are actually five types of personnel, and even though he has military experience, he can’t get an honor card.Above all, everybody is clearer, was expelled from military status by the army namely, you want to make a major mistake is not, be expelled from military status, do not admit you to have the experience that becomes a soldier at all, that this kind of personnel is affirmation cannot get outstanding card.The second is to be expelled from the army, which is also a heavier punishment. Although you admit that you have the experience of being a soldier, you cannot enjoy the preferential treatment of the relevant ex-servicemen, because you are not normal ex-servicemen, you even have no ex-servicemen’s certificate, right?Mechanism of that place public security receives you go back, go to you on registered permanent residence, it is impossible to enjoy outstanding waiting for a card.One is dishonorable discharge, the other is dishonorable discharge, and in both cases, you will not be given an honor card.Another is to be deprived of political rights, that period of time is not to get the honor card.If you’re permanently disenfranchised, you’re never going to get a VA.There are also the fourth case, is sentenced, in prison, custody or is wanted during the period, that you this kind of retired soldiers also can not get excellent cards, you are quite a criminal.The fifth kind, be retired soldier before namely, but now he joined foreign nationality, that is not Chinese, that affirmation also do not send to you.If you are a veteran in any of the five categories, whether you are a conscript, a rural soldier, a city soldier, a demobilized cadre, a retired soldier, or whether you have been on extended service, you are eligible.Application for the premise is to complete the file card.However, to apply for an excellent certificate, we should also remember that there is a former soldier to complete the file card.Yesterday, I was in the group of the community where we live, and some veterans, that is to say, had been registered before, now I don’t care, he will send me.In fact, it is indeed the premise of applying for the honor card, that is, you have to complete the work of filing the card. At that time, it was when the house of Glory brand was issued, it was done this work, but maybe some veterans did not complete the work of filing the card.You can apply only if your filing cards are completed.If you don’t have your paperwork, you still can’t claim it.So, according to the notice and arrangement of each place, we should first do the file card thing, and then you can apply for the retired soldier honor card.Therefore, under normal circumstances, there is no problem for everyone to apply for the honor card. If you complete the file card, it is very simple, maybe an ID card, a discharge card, a few simple information can be.