Some expressways between Beijing and Harbin, Beijing and Hong Kong and Macao have been resumed, and some ring roads are under heavy traffic pressure today

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The Beijing news alerts (reporter PeiJianFei) today (February 14) early during peak hours, the beijing-shanghai, Beijing and tianjin, with 11 highway road measures, such as the maintenance department of emergency cleaning and air temperature is warmer, September 15 points, according to Beijing police bulletin, with jingha highway, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao, high-speed jing ping into Beijing has opened at a high speed.It’s Monday. End numbers four and nine.Affected by the snowfall over the weekend, the traffic pressure in the morning rush hour was prominent. In the morning rush hour, traffic was slow on the second, third and fourth ring roads in the urban area, the east and north fifth ring roads, Beijing-Cheng-Expressway, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Xinjing Expressway, airport expressway, Lianshi Road, Beijing-Tong Expressway and some bridge areas.Traffic department tips, due to the low temperature, part of the road is likely to appear “to wear armor”, the public travel, should pay attention to observe the road situation, drive carefully, open the driving distance, to avoid accidents.When walking or cycling, beware of icy roads to prevent falls and injuries.At present, Beijing is still under a yellow alert for road icing, mountain areas, back streets and lanes are still snow and ice, please be cautious when traveling, pay attention to traffic safety.The driver should thoroughly clean the snow on the window, add antifreeze glass water in time, and keep the sight clear.Several events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will continue today, and temporary traffic management measures will be taken on roads around some venues.At 9:05, the national Aquatics Center women’s curling round robin;At 9:15, figure skating begins at the Capital Gymnasium;At 9:30, the National Snowmobile Sled Center snowmobile competition, Shougang ski big jump snowboard big jump competition;At 12:10, the women’s ice hockey semifinals will take place at Wukesong Sports Center.It is expected that the western section of the North Second Ring Road, the North fourth Ring Road, the West fourth Ring Road, the North fifth Ring Road, yangshan Bridge to Olin Xi Bridge, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Li Expressway and other roads will be under heavy traffic pressure. Temporary traffic management measures will be taken in time around the competition and training venues, and it is recommended to avoid the above-mentioned roads and venues when traveling.Beijing News reporter Pei Jianfei, editor Bai Shuang, proofreader Zhao Lin