Yuanshen: The reaction mechanism of grass system is inferred from the new role rules of Katchi in recent years

2022-05-07 0 By

Grass characters will be introduced in six months, but there is no word on the ghost, but it is predictable that grass reactions will have an impact on the existing character environment.As far as we know, the reaction mechanism of elements is as follows: fire and ice are all human beings, water and wind are more complementary, and rock system is orphan. Although Thor seems to be superior in thunder system, it is because thor has a strong mechanism, and thunder reaction is still weak.Ray reaction so that most people are speculated that grass would make s ray system, also has it is said that the eight heavy reaction with subsequent grass can be, but if only for grass ray has been a sharp increase, will let the grass ray binding, although has the best matching team are currently appear, but the game itself by multiple teams, tied dead grass ray should not see mihajlovic amusement.New characters: Xinhai, Icidou, Goro, Shenhe, Yaejo, Ayanto;Old characters: Childe, Walnut, Abbedo, Ula, Mandrill, Rain, Jongli.Many roles convergence is have summoned, in addition to the old role follow-up version not open only ShenHe summon, future versions of open god in silk, ghost revealed in the small, also called small paper men do, of course I don’t know ShenHe open the big 箓 spirit is not only just summoned, if you count, this is the new role after the central sea,All characters have the ability to use summoned objects.It does look a little weird, you know?Because if we want to open the grass and help the grass to pave the way forward, we should start from now, so that people can react with the grass more characters, so we have started from the card pool, so that the 2.0 and 3.0 versions can be connected.My guess is that grass elements can react to existing attributes in a basic way, with a basic increase or extension. For example, the only known effect is that grass will burn continuously with fire, but it will not be as strong as grass.There will be an additional effect, or an extension of that effect, if you encounter a summoning object.If we look at the known roles and summoned objects, we can also find some clues, assuming that the real grass and summoned objects will have further reaction: Fire system (summoned objects account for 25% of the role) : people are the people are the people, two 4 spark fire system to defeat just, Xiangling really daughter.Ice (10% of summon characters) : there is an eternal Freeze team in each version of the answer, a 5 star is ok, but why ice, from the beginning of the hyriutonic TRC value is really broken.Water system (50% of callers) : Water is basically used as the auxiliary system to make ice and fire react with the base, with occasional exceptions like the knife of The Son of Wanda International, half of which is reasonable.Wind system (summoner character 25%) : although it is also a secondary system, but the wind sleeve is too strong, one is ok, but really grass follow the wind this invisible things to do a reaction is strange.Thunder (25% of summon characters) : If you use the number as multiplier, three sakura at a time is no joke.Rock system (75% of summon characters) : A real chance to turn around.As for the effect of the summoner reaction, it is difficult to predict, the above is probably based on the frequency and direction of the card pool, do some basic speculation of the grass system reaction, interested players can leave a comment in the comment section.