Zhang Meng’s fifth son gets married?Dancing video woman belly obvious, loose clothes flat shoes provoking suspicion

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Most people are just watching, and very few will come to your rescue.On February 10, the news of Zhang Meng’s marriage to Jin Ensheng official has caused a stir in the entertainment circle.In photos of the pair, they can be seen wearing white shirts with a happy message on their chests and looking happy and content.Later, Zhang Meng also posted the whole process of the two people getting the license in a short video. Not only are they wearing couples’ clothes, but they even went back to Zhang Meng’s hometown Zhengzhou to hold the ceremony.The funniest part was that they almost went in the wrong place because they were nervous.It seems that both sides can’t wait to get married.Many people think they are married to love, after all, the previous love was very sweet.The career of two people after falling in love is equivalent to being tied together.After falling in love, the black material before them is gradually forgotten by everyone, but to see the appearance of two people trying to live together.They livestream the delivery together, shoot the video together.These videos not only allow them to harvest traffic, but also witness their little bit together.The affair was heading in the right direction when it emerged that the couple had a shotgun wedding, leaving many shocked.Following the official announcement of the proposal, the pair have also been outspoken in their daily love-making videos on social media platforms.After Zhang Said yes to Xiao Wu’s proposal, they posted a suspicious video of them dancing in a skirt, with zhang’s belly visible.In addition, after all, Zhang Meng used to like to wear skirts that show her figure. Now she suddenly changes such a skirt, and they have got married, which makes people question whether Zhang Meng is pregnant.After seeing the news, Zhang Meng responded immediately, which was equivalent to an indirect denial.However, such a comment also makes people guess that Zhang Meng’s response is not a positive denial, but also not a direct admission, so the real situation remains to be seen.At the end of last year, Xiao Wu posted a series of photos of the two together.That was the scene of their birthday. In order to spend their girlfriend’s birthday romantically, Xiao Wu not only folded many small animals for Zhang Meng, but also arranged a perfect scene.What attracts everyone’s attention is that among these small animals, there are dogs, turtles, white cranes, every small animal has its special meaning, because they all have dogs, dogs are their family, white cranes represent a good marriage in one hundred years, but also take homonym, and turtles let everyone associate with early birth of a noble son.The most curious thing is that Xiao Wu even put double quotation marks and emojis on the birth of her son.From this dynamic, it can be seen that xiao Wu is really looking forward to the baby, after all, the two are not small.Having children is normal if both your career and your relationship are stable.In addition, Zhang Meng’s ambiguous response makes us feel that the two people are close to the good thing.Perhaps with such conclusions and ideas, more and more netizens are also looking for clues from various videos.Back in January, for example, the two posted a video of themselves dancing together.At that time, Zhang Meng was wearing a white dress with her hair down. She looked sweet and lovely, just like a little girl. She could not tell that she was a married woman.Next to the small five is also handsome and charming, two people more see more match, dancing partner is also very tacit understanding.Then netizens broke the news that Zhang Meng was pregnant and forced xiao Wu to propose, and predicted that the two would soon announce their pregnancy.It’s hard not to believe what this netizen said.In the face of this netizen’s ridicule, Zhang Meng herself also saw that she directly refuted the rumor online.After all, they had only just been married, and it was hard not to be offended that such a man should be talking below.In fact, after careful observation, it can be found that zhang Meng has been wearing loose clothes or flat shoes recently, so many people have questioned the authenticity of her pregnancy.In a recent video, Perhaps in response, Zhang Meng wore a skirt that showed his waist, revealing his small waist.In fact, there is nothing from the front, Zhang Meng’s figure is still very good, but also very slim.However, when Zhang Meng dances on his side, it is obvious that there are some small bellies. Compared with the good figure of Zhang Meng before, it seems to look different.Others say it is a sign of pregnancy, after all, the shape of Zhang’s belly looks like this.The couple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.In fact, whether she is pregnant or not, after all, two people are married, it is their freedom.It is our fault that Internet users pay too much attention to their private lives.Even if people are free to have and not to have children, there are always people who want to use this as a stunt to guess, or to prove that two people always get married for a specific purpose.In fact, for these people, they don’t care whether they really love each other, they just want to find a breakthrough and attract people’s attention.It seems that they can never see the artist happy, always thinking of using a variety of ways to create rumors.So that they can get people’s attention and traffic, just like du Jiang’s alleged affair two days ago.He just sent a voice message when chatting with a net friend, and everyone made all kinds of rumors, and even forced Huo Siyan to divorce him.The attitude of these netizens is that they don’t mind the fun, and they even like to make a few sarcastic remarks while interfering in other people’s affairs.No matter how much we doubt it, they’re a done deal.Whether it was love, affection, or for some reason, we don’t know why.As a net friend can not participate in their daily life, it is good to silently bless them.It is wrong to view celebrities’ private lives through colored glasses.We are all the same people, we should not make malicious rumors and slander their private lives just because they are stars, they also have the right to be treated equally.