Electronic factory chat group burst light, line long a “fuck off”, net friend: leave immediately

2022-05-08 0 By

Now the electronics factory no longer proud of the past, before how many people want to enter the electronics into not to go, strict beg very to the case, recruit an ordinary worker with the same draft, low education don’t, men don’t, the age of the big don’t.But now the electronics factory has all the people, only can work, but still can’t hire people every day.Why can’t electronics factories hire people anymore?The answer can be found in a working chat group at an electronics factory that has been exposed online.This chat record is jiangsu some large electronic factory, can see this electronic factory line long is very overpowering, come to speak rules, open close is “f * * k” two son, call an employee to go to work every day half an hour in advance to open early meeting, late buckle 50 yuan once, the second buckle 100 yuan, the third direct leave.Employees want to ask for leave, the line long direct call people need not come, also said not to keep idle people, there is no lack of people here, even if all go, tomorrow will pull a few cars to people.Even said output does not reach the standard of overtime, not finished leave overtime, when to complete when to come off work.Some employees said that longhua brother got off and ran half, interview run, physical examination run, into the workshop run, finally can enter the work group even one-third are not.Last time I went to challenge a bus of more than 50 people with my old friends, I ran half of the time from afternoon to evening. The next morning we took four cars back to Longhua, but only four of the more than 50 people left.Net friend: the management of electronic factory all like this, anyway temporary worker every day, really not lack of people, although say every day someone leave, but recruit people every day, always someone to stay, suffer from pain or someone to do.Is it true?Is that still happening?There are people to do, is I immediately quit, a little dignity will not do it, do more good day, not at any time.Xiaobian summary: in fact, this is a common phenomenon at the grass-roots level of electronic factory management, one side is the personnel kept to recruit people inside, the other side is the management kept driving employees away.So now electronics factories seem to be hiring all year round, not because they can’t find people, but because they can’t keep them.The grass-roots management is also working, but like to do this kind of bottom mutual harm, the heart of the staff hurt, so many people run to do the day.In order to retain employees, in addition to good welfare, it is more important to strengthen grassroots management training, training them how to respect people, how to people-oriented, only in this way can the enterprise have a bright future.