Has Gu Ailing’s admission qualification been cancelled?The truth is coming

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Gu Ailing, who represented China at the Beijing Winter Olympics, has been in the spotlight lately.Media outlets and Internet users have portrayed the 18-year-old Olympic champion as a gifted teenager with athletic talent, wealthy family, fashion resources and a reputation for prestigious universities.According to thepaper.cn, some people poured cold water on Gu on Twitter, saying that According to CNN, Stanford University revoked Gu’s admission qualification. “President Derlex” said, “A liar and arrogant egoist has no future in the United States.”In December 2020, Gu posted a video on Instagram (IG) announcing her acceptance to Stanford University.Individual Twitter users claimed that the news came from a CNN article posted on February 8, titled “Gu Is the poster child for a new Chinese athlete but one wrong move could tip her over.”Upon checking, the CNN article did mention Gu’s family background, upbringing, identity and controversies in the United States, but did not mention anything about Stanford University.According to thepaper.cn, as of February 17, 2022, there has been no information on the English Internet to support Stanford’s decision to cancel Gu’s admission, nor has there been any information on the official website of Stanford University.On February 11, Gu posted her gap Year application page on her IG account, mentioning @Stanford and writing, “It’s official. See you in the fall!”In a post on Gu’s gap year application page posted on her IG page, “Stanford President Derlex” called Gu a “liar” and a “monopolistic and domineer egoist.”However, the university’s current president is Marc Tessier-Lavigne, and none of the 11 presidents in Stanford’s history, from 1891 to the present, has a first or last name of “Derlex,” according to the university’s official presidential information page.According to the available information, we can see that the news circulating online that Stanford University revoked Gu’s admission qualification is not substantiated, and CNN has never reported the news.The news, which may have originally come from Twitter user @tianxiangwang5, is currently only circulating on the Chinese Internet.On the morning of February 18, Gu Ailing won the gold medal in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing with 95.25 points without any opposition.It was also her second gold medal of the Games, and gu completed her final victory in the Games.Gu was also the only one who broke 90 points in two rounds — 93.75 in the first jump and 95.25 in the second jump. After seeing the score of the second jump, Gu was so excited that her eyes widened as if she couldn’t believe it and said, “I almost cried!”At the press conference after the match, Jimu news reporters and many domestic and foreign media face to face with Gu Ailing.Before Gu entered the press conference, Silver medalist Cathy Sharp of Canada was also full of praise for Gu. “When She finished her second jump, I knew it would take a lot to be like Gu,” she said. “She has been doing so well all year.”When Gu entered the conference room wearing a panda hat, there was a round of applause and the staff presented her with a bouquet of flowers.Gu, smiling as she received the flowers, would like to thank you again.People’s Daily: What would you say to yourself today?Gu: I’m so proud. I’ve worked so hard. I’m always learning.China, Niuniuniuniu!Reporter: You didn’t seem to do the most difficult moves today?Gu: After the first gold medal, I didn’t do much in the third slide.I’m the tallest and skinny, so the wind affects me a lot.It’s a little windy today, still a little dangerous.The second slide was blown up in the middle, but contained.Especially after seeing Zhang Kexin fall, I feel still give priority to safety.Secondly, I think it’s like the end of the story. I don’t want to show the world how strong I am, but I want to show how interesting this sport is. So I did some interesting movements (air splits) in the last jump, just like the panda hat I’m wearing today, to show everyone that this sport is fun.Reporter: after the end of the Winter Olympic Games, next, what is the study plan?Gu: Next, I will go to Stanford university, because going to Stanford university and becoming an Olympic champion are my two biggest wishes. Now both of them have come true. I am very happy.Reporter: Which do you think is more important, genius or hard work?What do you say to Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui, who are competing together today?Gu: I don’t know whether I am a genius or not. The probability of genius is very small, maybe only one percent.Genius may help you in the beginning, but it’s 99 percent hard work in the later stages of training.I really did everything I could do.I am always the first to arrive at the training site and the last to leave. After shooting fashion magazines every day, I go to the gym to work out. I know that hard work is the most important, and I know how much I have paid.Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui performed very well today, I am very proud of them, Zhang Kexin is the only one of the three of us who has participated in the Olympics before, she has a lot to learn from me, finally, I hope Zhang Kexin can recover soon.People’s Daily: What delicious food would you like to eat after the competition?Gu Ailing: I’m going to instant-boiled mutton after the competition.Reporter: Today is Su yiming’s birthday, do you want to say anything to him?Gu: First of all, congratulations to him on his 18th birthday. He is an adult now. I hope he can continue to have fun.Reporter: We’ve all been wondering how you manage to get 10 hours of sleep a night.Gu: I might be a little excited here, but EVERY day I take a bath, play the piano, write in my diary, try not to play the phone before going to bed, and review what I need to do the next day before going to bed, but the most important thing is to go to bed early.Reporter: How do you manage stress?Gu: There should be no pressure. Skiing should be fun.Playing games is what I love. Sports are for myself. I can make more friends through sports.I keep telling myself that I am competing with myself, that the effort is my own, and that the outside pressure doesn’t really affect me much.Reporter: I heard you’re writing a book?Gu: I am writing a book, because I have the habit of keeping a diary. I hope one day I can publish it and share it with everyone, sharing my growth process.Q. will there be a sense of security at home?What are you going to say when you see mom and Grandma?Gu: I feel like I’ve come home.It’s great to eat steamed buns and other Chinese food every morning. I haven’t had a chance to meet my mom and grandma yet. I plan to go to eat instant-boiled mutton with them to celebrate after the interview.I will share my happiness with them and hug them.In fact, we are very tired because we have been training every day since the opening ceremony, but we are happy every day.Netizen comment source: thepaper.cn, Jimu News, People’s Daily, Youth Shandong, Henan Communist Youth League, Jiangxi Communist Youth League, Youth Hubei, netizen comment editor: Li Siyuan school review: Su Daxun