Home for the New Year!Doctor returns home after More than a year in Africa

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Sanxiang City Daily · new Hunan client on January 28 (all media reporter Li Qi correspondent Peng Luolong Ye) home for the New Year!He went on a business trip to Africa for more than a year and returned home safely before the New Year.At 7 o ‘clock on The 27th, it was -2 degrees Celsius before dawn. Liu Xiaohong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Cancer Hospital, rushed to liuyang Isolation Hotel with six members to greet Jiang Jiarui, member of the 18th medical team of the hospital for Zimbabwe.In September 2020, in the face of multiple rounds of COVID-19, the Hunan medical team fully carried forward the spirit of the Chinese medical team and set out for Zimbabwe.With the great trust of the organization and the trust of his family, Jiang Jiarui, a colorectal surgeon from Hunan Cancer Hospital, also resolutely joined the medical team for Africa.After arriving in Harare, The capital of Zimbabwe, Jiang jiarui worked in the General surgery department of Parijen Yatawa Hospital, the largest public hospital in the area.While taking personal protective measures, Jiang Gave full play to his professional expertise and actively guided local doctors to carry out radical mastectomy for breast cancer, D2 radical mastectomy for gastric cancer, resection of gastric stromal tumor and other general surgery-related operations.On September 3, 2021, Jiang Jiarui led the general Surgery team of PAPI to perform the first laparoscopic tumor resection for a 77-year-old Zimbabwean patient since the establishment of the department, which removed a huge tumor in the right half of the patient’s colon.He patiently explained the surgical skills during the operation and carefully guided the patient’s treatment after the operation, so that the patient was discharged smoothly on the fifth day after the operation.Leisure time, Jiang Jiarui often through the network platform for our fellow in tianjin with related medical health consulting, corporate orphanage in public welfare activities, attend many Chinese love to actively take part in large yizhen activities organized by the medical team, also in the almost Chinese times published articles on the science of acute gastroenteritis – “unlimited” stomach “come from” gut “been contemplating.Deputy Secretary Liu Xiaohong said that foreign medical aid is a cooperation project with the longest history, the largest number of countries and the most significant results between China and developing countries.The dedication of the Chinese medical team has brought the hearts of China and other developing countries closer and closer to each other. In building a community with a shared future for mankind, the Chinese medical team has carried forward the spirit of “great love without boundaries”.Today’s achievements in aid to Africa are inseparable from the sacrifices and efforts of medical staff. In order to complete the national medical aid to Africa mission, the team members are far away from home, far away from their loved ones, and overcome difficulties. The hospital thanks them and their families for their support in aid to Africa medical work.In the future, the hospital will continue to make careful planning and give full support to improve its medical assistance to Africa.[Editor: Sun Yanfei][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]