March 17 the latest copper prices today

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Copper quotation today: Yangtze spot 1# copper price: 72620 yuan/ton, up 660 yuan/ton oxygen free copper wire (hard) : 73780 yuan/ton, up 660 yuan/ton enameled wire price: 77820 yuan/ton, up 660 yuan/ton A00 aluminum price: 22080 yuan/ton, up 310 yuan/ton Guangdong spot 1# copper price:A00 aluminum price: 22,120 yuan/ton, up 320 yuan/ton LME copper price: 10,134 dollars/ton, up 242 dollars/ton Shanghai copper 2204:72,320 yuan/ton, up 660 yuan/ton Shanghai copper 2205:72250 yuan/ton, up 710 yuan/ton Shanghai Nonferrous Metals 1# copper price:72530 yuan/ton, up 655 yuan/ton A00 aluminum price: 22070 yuan/ton, up 310 yuan/ton Tianjin Nonferrous Metals 1# copper price: 72570 yuan/ton, up 650 yuan/ton A00 aluminum price: 22060 yuan/ton, up 310 yuan/tonUs dollar lower European and American stock market strength, the overnight London copper was boosted to close up 2.44%;Copper is expected to rise today after Peruvian copper mine production was halted again amid fears of more stimulus measures.Copper market analysis: The Peruvian copper mine stopped production, China clearly expressed support for market stability, Shanghai copper continued to rebound, the epidemic made the market consumption performance is weak, short-term copper price above 70,000 shock.Tips: the above article is the latest price of scrap copper in Foshan (for reference only, not as the actual price of goods received and sold). If you want to know the detailed price of scrap copper in your area, please leave a message in the comment area for consultation or small make up of private letters, you can ~~~~~~