Shen Mengchen came off work in a luxury car and was accused by netizens of deliberately flaunting his wealth

2022-05-08 0 By

January 25, was rumored and Du Haitao marriage news nearly Shen Mengchen, was secretly shot by senior media to her luxury car picture, caused a great uproar on the network.In the picture, Shen Mengchen is dressed like the heroine of the Korean drama, wearing a fashionable long coat with a high neck black sweater and a cap, sending out a lady’s charm all over.She walked to the parking lot. When she got to a new car, she opened the door and got comfortable behind the wheel.In the picture taken, clearly see the color of the car is unique noble blue, netizens spare no effort to provide information, the car is a new production of Bentley, designed for women to customize a senior car, the price is expensive, online display price between 2.5 million to 3.5 million, is a lot of people hope and frustrated car.After shen Mengchen got on the bus, he did not start driving immediately, probably waiting for someone.She bent her head, rubbed her nose and tickled her, moving slowly, a far cry from the quick-tempered woman of old.Then she leaned back with her head, her eyes looking forward, her expression calm.Many netizens speculated that Shen Mengchen changed a luxury car, before du Haitao gave her a senior Mercedes Benz on Valentine’s Day, envy everyone.At that time, two people love hot and very high profile, Du Haitao made a big romance, decorate the car into a sea of flowers, filled with all kinds of flowers, but also spend the truck to transport the car to Shen Mengchen, show foot love.Shen Mengchen holding a bunch of roses sitting in the Mercedes Benz car, a bright smile, happiness to overflow the screen.Internet users search the same model, the price of about 3 million, praise Du Haitao is rich.However, this time Shen Mengchen drove a new Bentley car off work, was accused by netizens of deliberately showing off wealth, behavior is too high-profile.Previously, Shen mengchen appeared on the show wearing designer shoes that cost N times more than ordinary shoes, and netizens said shen was “flaunting his wealth”.Internet users sigh entertainment to money is too easy, mansions to buy, luxury cars to change.Shen Mengchen, who mocks herself for her dark skin, has been improving her hosting skills over the years, and has grown into a host who can take charge of her own affairs. She has obtained rich resources, and large programs have her figure. Her fame has increased and her value has doubled, and she has earned a lot naturally.In fact, stars are also under great pressure, if they are not outstanding enough will be ignored by the public, to the money is also difficult, life is naturally not so beautiful as we imagine.Shen Mengchen has also self-exposed bald head, said that is caused by work pressure, it shows how anxious she is.Now, after years of hard work, Shen Mengchen has become a small actress in the host industry. It is understandable that she enjoys her life with the wealth she earned from her wisdom, but it is better to keep a low profile than to attract unfriendly comments from netizens.