Sleep Manager Intelligent Sleeping water Heating mattress to enjoy a warm and happy life

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The most painful thing about winter is not just that you don’t want to get up in the morning, but that you don’t want to go to bed at night.Young people may bite their teeth and stomp their feet and then lie down to sleep, but for the elderly like their parents over 60 years old, sleeping in a cold bed is too cruel, their body function and resistance are low, sleeping in a cold bed not only tolerate colds, but also easy to cause back and leg pain, arthritis and other diseases in the long run.Today, I would like to recommend to my friends a Sleep Manager smart water heating mattress that I feel very good after using.All the things in the package are briefly introduced to you, including the main engine, pump, remote control, instruction manual and mattress body.The appearance of the host is small and light, the whole body is simple white, the host above is touch buttons and digital display screen, and there is water indicator.Next to it is the water injection mouth, you can see the use of screw open way, and the caliber is quite large, convenient for us to add water.Note here, be sure to use mineral water or pure water, do not randomly add tap water at home.Behind the host is the water inlet and outlet, and are equipped with silica gel plug cover, installation of water pipes according to the prompts next to the connection.The main machine and the mattress are connected by two water pipes. The water pipe is MADE of PVC material and has a protective cover of fabric. The fabric of the mattress feels very good, soft and comfortable, and it also feels very thick.After connecting the host and mattress, you need to add a certain amount of pure water. If the water is not enough, there will be a voice prompt for water shortage. It is very humanized.The host panel is very simple, on the left is the switch button, and then the timing button and the add and subtract adjustment button, the middle position is a digital display screen, can display the current setting temperature, timing time, etc., the right is the mode switch button.Its temperature adjustment range is 25 to 55℃, the adjustment step is 1℃, the whole adjustment accuracy is very good.Its working principle is to make the hot water between the host and the mattress circulation, so as to achieve the effect of heating, because the mattress contains 400W heating chip, heating is very fast.Due to its working principle is through the hot water circulation to generate heat, so only some circulation channel in the mattress, and don’t have any electric component, and radiation resistance electric galvanized steel plate, water shortage reminds, short circuit protection, temperature up to nine heavy protective measures such as intellisense, so this can be said to be extremely high in safety.It is recommended to use the one-key sleeping mode, which can dynamically adjust bed temperature according to different time periods and give scientific sleep temperature.Many people are more concerned about the noise when it is working. Here, I would like to tell you that the noise when it is working is very small, almost no much impact, because I am a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder, very sensitive to noise.By closing the doors and Windows for testing, the noise of the host working is very slight.Overall use effect, heating speed respect I personally feel or very fast, basically after you start the machine, 3-5 minutes or so have a very obvious feeling, whole mattess includes touch or lie above have a very obvious heat feeling.In addition, because of the liquid heating method, there is no ordinary electric blanket when you lie down, the heat transfer to your body appears more gentle.And it will not be as dry as electric blankets or other heating equipment, which is also a big advantage of the water heating pad.The overall performance of this water heating mattress is still very satisfied, first of all in the range of temperature regulation and precision is very good, you can find a suitable for their own temperature according to the different habits of individuals, compared to the traditional electric blanket more extensive temperature regulation, more accurate.In terms of security, it is also very perfect and reassuring. I am most satisfied with the performance of power consumption and mute.If that’s what you need, try the Sleep Manager Smart water heating mattress.