A benchmarking product priced at 408,800 yuan, Zhiji L7 Pro open lock sheet

2022-05-09 0 By

In the past, the audience of cars above 400,000 yuan was small, and there were not many consumers who could afford this price range.But with the gradual rise of residents’ income, now more and more consumers are starting to focus on the high-end cars above 400,000 yuan.At the same time, now that environmental protection is advocated, a kind of medium and high-end autonomous intelligent electric vehicle with not only extraordinary strength but also environmental protection selling point has become the mainstream choice for car purchase.In the price range above 400,000 yuan, zhiji L7 Pro is definitely one of the best products to buy these days.Because the materials used in all aspects of it are very excellent.In terms of motor, Zhiji L7 Pro adopts front and rear double permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can release 425kW/725Nm super power, reaching more than two times the power of luxury fuel cars at the same level.In the authoritative measurement of National Motor Vehicle Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Shanghai), Zhiji L7 achieved an excellent result of 3.87 seconds of 100km acceleration, easily running into the “3-second club” that traditional supercars are proud of.In the pursuit of breaking through the limits of freedom, of course, the motor performance can not only be greatly improved;Matching with the top electric performance of the chassis is to create the ultimate driving control.For example, the chassis of Zhiji L7 Pro adopts the unique “electric four-wheel vector drive” technology at the same level. The rear wheel system can achieve a total of 12° bi-directional super-large steering Angle, and the minimum turning radius of the vehicle is only 5.4m.This makes zhiji L7 Pro executive class car like shape, can easily control curves, do “small gun” like flexibility.In conclusion, if you are considering buying a new energy vehicle recently, zhiji L7 Pro is definitely a good choice, and it is hard to find competitors at the price range of 400,000 yuan.