A boy playing was stuck wall crack, liaocheng firefighters warm heart comfort successful rescue

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Guo Qingwen correspondent Sha Guoshuai Song Jianzhou April 3 at 11 o ‘clock noon, in Zhaoguantun Town Xiaojing Li Village, Chiping district, Liaocheng City, a boy of about 6 years old, because of playing, was stuck in the middle of the wall gap of two bungalow, can not move.After receiving the alarm, the local fire department quickly dispatched to the scene of rescue.When fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they found that the boy had been lying on his side in a gap about 15 centimeters wide for more than half an hour.According to the observation of the fire and rescue personnel, one side of the wall stuck to the boy is a temporary open-air pigsty. The brick of the wall is aging, loose and easy to dismantle.The other side is residential housing.According to the situation at the scene, the site commander decided to remove the wall on one side of the pigpen from behind where the boy was trapped to increase the space for rescue.To prevent the boy from being hurt again by the bricks that fell during the demolition process, firefighters found a thick cotton suit and put it on the boy from the roof.In the process of demolition, due to the aging of the bricks on the wall, the use of large demolition tools is easy to cause secondary accidents. Several firefighters can only climb on the top of the wall and drop the bricks one by one with their bare hands.As the boy was younger and had been stuck for a long time, the boy cried and was in an unstable mood during the rescue.The firemen on the scene were carefully removing the wall while chatting with the boy’s parents to appease his emotions.More than 20 minutes later, the boy behind the wall was successfully removed.A firefighter talks to the boy and guides him to turn his body while reaching into his arm to assist him.With the help of the firemen, the boy moved out bit by bit.Later, another firefighter half lying on the wall, chatting with the boy, while holding the boy’s head, together with another firefighter, to help the boy continue to move out.After nearly 40 minutes of hard work, the boy was rescued from a crack in the wall.Apart from shock, the boy was physically unharmed.According to the parents, when the incident occurred, the boy was playing alone in the hospital, because of curiosity, along the crack to the other side of the wall across, because of the narrowing of the wall, the boy accidentally tripped over a piece of broken brick, fell in the crack can not stand.When the parents found the situation, they tried in vain and called 119 for help.Firefighters would like to remind parents that children are naturally playful and have no sense of danger. They should not be negligent in their care.