A number of migrant workers in Yulin Yisheng product to wages, “small help” intervention to solve

2022-05-09 0 By

“Thank you so much, we migrant workers finally get our wages.”January 26, Yulin High-tech Zone management committee next door, Yisheng yipin residential site gate, a number of migrant workers in order to beg for wages, a long time refused to leave.Yulin High-tech Zone management committee labor supervision brigade staff said the matter has been reported, will coordinate as soon as possible.On January 25th morning, Chinese – two of the three mile columns to the site, the labor inspection team, said the yulin high-tech zone management committee to migrant workers after complaints, they also know, these migrant workers really poor, work can’t get money, it has been reported, will coordinate as soon as possible, if the relevant personnel can’t get out of the wages,It may be paid out of migrant workers’ wage deposits and let them go home for the Spring Festival.The next day, Ersanli News reported the matter with the title “A number of migrant workers in Yulin Yisheng hanging stone products did not get paid”, causing widespread concern in the society.January 27, the reporter received a message from migrant workers said: “we have been paid, thank you too, if it were not for your intervention, our 80,000 yuan salary has been taken, this year can have a good year.”Contacted by the Yulin High-tech Zone management Committee labor supervision brigade, the other party said: “Coordination has been handled, the money has been sent to the migrant workers account.”Approaching the end of the year, Huashang Daily – Ersanli and provincial people and social security hall to hold the “radical treatment of unpaid wages in Yulin in action” activities, for the majority of unpaid wages for rights, such as you encounter such problems can call 0912-3825363, 18909125427 hotline, we will do our best to solve for you.China Business daily reporter Qi Ming editor Chang Na