Chase light | look!’Chinese Romance’ hidden in Winter Olympics Torch

2022-05-09 0 By

The torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games started today. The torch relay will last for three days and will be held in The cities of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.The answer is simple: the torch for the Beijing Winter Olympics is called “Flying”. The overall appearance of the torch rotates and rises, like a ribbon, and a red line runs up and down as it moves.The red line of the torch connects perfectly with the red line of the torchbearers’ clothing. “The design connects the sky, the earth and the people to form a complete landscape system,” said Lin Cunzhen, art director of the cultural activities department of boCOG. “Why is the red line so important?”As one of the secondary emblems of the Winter Olympic Games, the torch logo is one of the visual elements in the emblem of the Winter Olympic Games. The red ribbon “floating” out of the emblem is the design prototype of the torch relay landscape logo. Answer for you!Do you think this is the end of “Chinese romance”?NO, NO, NO!We Beijing but “double Olympic city” ah salute 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, arrangement!Do you remember the name of the torch for the 2008 Olympic Games?”Auspicious cloud” ah look carefully “flying” torch pattern bottom up, from auspicious cloud transition to snowflake still remember the 2008 Olympic Games main torch tower?Look carefully, “flying” is not very like Ta?This is the “Chinese romance” of “flying” torch. Reporter: Wang Chunyan, Le Wenwan editor: Zhou Xin, Huang Xuguo