Defending champion took bronze but was criticized: Zheng Zaiyuan lost the gold medal for him!The atmosphere in the Korean team is too strange

2022-05-09 0 By

On February 19, Beijing time, the final of the Men’s team start speed skating event of the Winter Olympic Games ended with Belgium’s Barter Swain winning the gold medal, South Korea’s Chung Jae-won winning the silver medal and South Korea’s Lee Seung-hoon winning the bronze medal.China’s Ning Zhongyan finished in 14th place.South Korea’s two medal winners, Chung jae-won, 20, and Lee Seung-hoon, 34, were clearly working together in the race, with Chung leading the race to keep the older Lee fit until the end.Lee seung-hoon, 34, was the gold medalist in this event four years ago in Pyeongchang, and it’s not easy for a defending champion to finish third at the age of 34.But after the race, Korean netizens were dissatisfied with Lee seung-hun.Lee Seung-hoon, a controversial skater who was banned from the Korean speed skating team after he was found to have lashed out at younger skaters, won the bronze medal while Chung won the silver. Many Korean netizens said that Chung sacrificed the gold medal to help Lee.’Chung helped Lee. He was lee’s skater, and his role was to help Lee hold off other skaters who were trying to break through, so that Lee could close the gap on group one.Lee seung-hoon took the bronze medal by turning the race in his favor thanks to Chung’s sacrifice.Chung’s time was 7:47.18 to barter’s 7:47.11, or just 0.07 seconds. If Chung had not wasted his energy on the lead for Lee seung-hoon, chung would have probably won the gold medal.Lee seung-hoon, who won the medal, was very happy and smiled after the harvest.”I used too much energy in the semi-finals and it was a pity that the recovery time was short,” he said in a post-match interview. “But I’m still happy to win a medal.”Jeong, on the other hand, did not express much joy.I have to say that the atmosphere of the Korean short track speed skating team and speed skating team is very strange.By Yan Xiaobai