Film by Zhang Yimou: a combination of softness and strength

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Zhang yimou’s work, whether directing a film or a big event program, goes out of his way to please everyone.Watching the documentary Film “Shadow” directed by Zhang Yimou, you will be impressed by his kind of excellence. He is particularly meticulous in the height requirement of a movement or even a finger lifting, which is precisely because of this achievement of his position in the film and television industry.The film “shadow” is a description of a shadow to regain the light, want to live in the light of the hardships of the process.Since childhood, I have been chosen by people with power and status to be the shadow of others, without my own thoughts, unable to live according to my own will, the only purpose of living is to replace the real body in danger.They especially want to live freely, but cruel fate makes them have no choice.The film begins and ends with the scene that Ai, the governor’s wife, sees through the door.Which makes us wonder, Em, what exactly are you looking at?The real Lord or the border state was killed or 、、、、、 there are a thousand Hamlets for a thousand audiences.Yin-yang gossip, knife and umbrella are the focus of this drama.Since ancient times, China has paid more attention to Yin and Yang, soft and rigid.Softness is a winning weapon. They are all about naturalness.Yang Cang Yang knife is the world invincible, ziyu was his defeat.Son yu since defeat in Yang Cang after the broadsword, began to devote one’s mind to the study of restraint Yang jia dao method, but again and again are failures in tai Chi.In the side as a spectator small ai realized the restraint of Yang sword method, that is to use soft to confront Yang Cang Yang.Yang Cang’s broadsword has the masculinity of a man using the sword method, and it is necessary to use soft movements to restrain his masculinity.Dao and umbrella are two contrary products, dao is used by Yang men, umbrella is soft is used by women, everything in the world is mutually complementary, so kung fu is the same, to defeat Yang Cang’s dao must find the umbrella, using the umbrella against Yang’s dao is to find the weakness of the other party, finally successful.It’s also fair to say that Al is the most sober person on the show.Her soft also took care of the men between the firm, she is very good to play a link between the role.She used her soft in exchange for the state’s soft heart, so that a shadow growing up in the dark can re live.She used her soft in exchange for his life, all people in that plot are inevitable death, but she survived, this is her female original soft made.The style of this play from beginning to end is the black and white landscape ink color, traditional Chinese painting splash-ink, Chinese ink painting, which is also a form of expression that Zhang Director especially loves and wants to carry forward the Chinese wind.Chinese ink painting has been floating freely since ancient times. There is a sense of elegance in it, which is also a combination of softness and strength.