Huang Shanshan acid KMT “fat tiger” choking Hao Longbin “do not know respect”

2022-05-09 0 By

According to Taiwan media reports, the former vice chairman of the Kuomintang Hao Lung-bin recently advocated that the Taipei mayoral election should be “blue and white”, but also criticized the strength of the Taiwan Democratic Party is “not enough to fail”;In this regard, huang Shanshan, the vice mayor of North City who will run for the next mayor of the city, now uses the Japanese cartoon “Doraemon” characters noxiong, Fat tiger as A metaphor to describe the KMT, such as fat Tiger intent to fake cooperation in the name of “take all”, reiterates the “blue and white” as A fake issue, and criticized the KMT, “if it does well, it will not lose power.”Shan-shan huang now accept senior media person Huang Guangqin network programs in an interview, for hau lung-bin fire all of non-party President, spoke also don’t know how to respect, how can you get others to respect, and reiterated “blue and white” false issues, like the past people first party and the kuomintang (KMT) are often promoted “national”, but in the end did not cooperation.Huang Shanshan to “Doraemon” to describe the blue and white situation, the Kuomintang, such as fat tiger, the Democratic Party is the big male, if there are 5 causeway burning, fat tiger is bound to take all, this also means that if the blue and white cooperation, the Kuomintang but only want to take their “all”, how to talk about cooperation?Hao Longbin also said, “Who is the ‘big picture’ of the situation?””If we do well, we will not lose power,” he said.Huang Shanshan thinks, “fat tiger” KMT to “big male” Democratic Party talk about cooperation, but want to “causeway burning” all take away, more speak out evil words, anti-criticism Hao Longbin neither party chairman, and do not understand respect people, can not get other people respect, and the KMT “home big cause”, poll and lead, should be very sure, what fear there?Acid said, “Those who don’t want to work hard and just want to find a reason for their failure are the real failures.”