James Harden is sent away by nets, Kyrie laughs!The two reportedly had problems: Irving was eager for Harden to leave

2022-05-09 0 By

The NBA is approaching its final trade deadline, and teams are making big moves.The Lakers and Nets, in particular, have been in the works for a long time.At the trade deadline, the big three of the Nets broke up in a deal that sent James Harden away and gave the Nets Simmons.As soon as the news broke, it sparked heated discussion on the Internet, with many prominent basketball figures not optimistic about the deal.Yang Yi was even more direct about the deal, saying Simmons can’t replace Harden.However, there is some support for the deal, as One of the big three, Kyrie Irving, would love harden to leave.It was recently revealed that Harden had been upset that Irving could only play on the road, and that having a part-time player who could only play on the road didn’t seem like a championship-caliber team.Harden wasn’t the only one on the Nets who felt the same way. They were all focused on a championship, but Irving stuck to his own funny beliefs at the expense of the team.Irving could sense harden’s attitude, so irving might want harden to leave.Many fans believe that Irving, not Harden, should have been sent away. Irving is a different player from the one who helped the Cavs win the NBA title, and while he can still score high on the court, his attitude toward the game has changed dramatically, making it seem unprofessional.The Nets’ front office has also been critical of Irving, saying many times that the team doesn’t need part-time players, but Irving’s claim that he will retire after being traded has made it impossible for the Nets to use irving as a bargaining tool.For this two big mouth Yang Yi and Wang Meng also launched a debate, the scene was once out of control.In any case, the deal is done, and Simmons may not be a replacement for Harden, but he could inject new life into the team.