Low alcohol liquor market continues to break the circle, Jiang Xiaobai complies with the liquor consumption diversification era

2022-05-09 0 By

Miit “about to speed up the construction of modern light industry system guidance (draft)” after the release, a number of liquor-making industry in the industry to explore, in you opinion, this guidance is very accurate, timely and ground, for the future of the enterprise layout has important guiding significance, low-alcohol liquor is becoming more competitive in the future of the circuit.Statistics show that from the third quarter of 2020, China’s low-alcohol wine started to show a dynamic development trend.According to the report “2020 Analysis on The Market Prospect and Current Situation of Low-alcohol Wine Industry” released by China Research Institute, the consumption amount of low-alcohol wine market in China has increased by more than 50% in the past two years. With the arrival of the drinking age of young people, low-alcohol wine has gradually become the most concerned category of wine.With the rise of rational consumption, young consumer groups on the drinking appear differentiation, part of the crowd in the work to carry out social parties, big probability will accept the traditional social drinking culture, while another part of the crowd will break the traditional, showing diverse demand, with wine offers good prospects for development of low-alcohol liquor.According to the analysis of relevant media, there are quite a lot of young people who are not interested in traditional wine table culture, and they tend to choose drinks that are sharp and healthy.While liquor, beer and red wine occupy nearly 90% of the liquor market, Jiang Xiaobai and other low-alcohol liquor brands compete fiercely in the remaining 10% of the market.While many brands failed to survive the process, Jiang xiaobai gained a good record by staying loyal to the low-alcohol market.Nowadays, when low-alcohol wine has become a new wind in the liquor market, Jiang Xiaobai in order to further enhance the competitiveness of the brand, in the production end of continuous action, it has built a brewing base in Baisha ancient town, a total investment of nearly 3 billion to create 7 brewing workshops, become the largest single sorghum liquor enterprise in Chongqing.Jiang Xiaobai also focuses on building the whole industry chain, upgrading the brewing technology, forming a unique standard brewing process, based on this process of the third generation of new wine body has been highly recognized by the market.In the view of the industry insiders, the influence of low-alcohol wine is still far less than that of high-alcohol wine in terms of the user groups. However, in the era of increasingly diversified consumer demand, the market size of low-alcohol wine will gradually expand, and it will continue to break the circle and grow in the process of continuous integration and sublimation with consumer demand.