New Year’s Eve double welfare raid, Zhao Yun ginkgo special effects handsome cry, no midsummer night’s dream players laughed

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On New Year’s Eve, all the new skins of King of Glory were put on the market on this day. In this case, the number of points for players to consume has also been greatly increased, and the noble score has been rising.Top-up points will now be repaid, and on New Year’s Eve, they will also earn double Nobility points, up to 2000 nobility points, making it easier for players under V6 to reach higher nobility levels.In addition, Zhao Yun has also been determined to have a new skin, this skin is the same as the han Xin series of exploration skin, also broke the theme design before, and then the recent players broke the news of this skin shelf time.Finally, there is a recent event that has a high probability of obtaining legendary skin, especially the older legendary skin such as Midsummer Night’s Dream and Golden Sagittarius.What’s going on? Let’s take a look.New Year’s Eve double welfare raid New Year’s Eve this day online 7 new skin, 5 tiger limited skin, a 6 yuan skin, a glory of the skin.Then there are two epic skins for the encore, so many skins add up to a price of around 2000 yuan, which is not a small amount.However, most players don’t buy all of these skins. They choose a few skins that they like and don’t spend a lot of money.In this case, recharge 200 yuan is the most cost-effective, recharge 200 yuan can get almost all the rewards of recharge rebate.And then the most important thing is, you can get double nobility points, originally recharge 200 only 2000 nobility points, and on New Year’s Eve, there are 4000 nobility points.So for players who want to reach the nobility level, they can recharge 400 as long as they recharge 200 on this day.Now noble welfare is getting better and better, starting from Noble 4, you can get skin, noble 8 can also get legend skin, after noble 7 May also have an epic skin, so it is necessary to rush up.Zhao Yun ginkgo special effects handsome cry Han Xin’s exploration series skin has not been removed from the shelf, this skin is also into, compared to less than more than the next, is a good epic skin.And while this skin comes out, the egg of Zhao Yun skin also had reveal, everybody should have understanding, the skin contains ginkgo element.The skin will be available before Valentine’s Day, around February 10, according to Internet users.We don’t know if it’s true or not, but based on last year’s skin schedule, it’s a possibility.No midsummer night’s dream players laughed last year king of glory out of a considerable number of legend skin, add up to an estimated 20, and before the legend of the skin and almost forever.But although last year out of the legend of the skin, but in the mind of the player, the previous legend of the skin is classic, such as the midsummer night’s dream this skin.And this skin has a very high probability of being available for free in a recent activity, which is the collection card win skin activity in QQ area.This activity is very easy to join, just log in the game and draw the card, draw the skin you want to click on the lottery.In fact, it is not how high the winning rate of this activity, this activity in New Year’s Eve the day before the lottery, but most of the lottery players are permanent heroes.And on New Year’s Eve, I do not know what is going on, the probability of drawing the legend skin is very large, so if there is no lottery or did not participate in this activity is blessed, now there is a great probability to get the legend skin.If you plan to buy skin during Spring Festival, don’t hesitate to recharge your coupons on New Year’s Eve to earn double noble points.Zhao yun’s skin is likely to hit the shelves this month, after which the rest of the series will be revealed as heroes.Qq area of this collection card extraction skin activities if not involved in the lottery players now hurry to draw, or the New Year’s eve may not be able to extract the legend of the skin.