Not to be outdone by TSMC, Intel announced it would spend $634 billion to build the world’s largest chip manufacturing facility

2022-05-09 0 By

The US and Europe were once the world’s leading chipmakers, but after decades of leading, they became complacent and did not pay attention to technological upgrading. They lost out to Asian rivals such as Taiwan Semiconductor And Samsung at a critical moment, and have “lost out” since then, Intel CEO Henry Kissinger said bluntly.Data showed that the global semiconductor industry revenue in 2021 broke through the $500 billion mark for the first time, reaching $583.5 billion, with Samsung surpassing Intel with $75.9 billion in revenue to take the title of the world’s largest manufacturer by revenue.Fortunately, Intel is not discouraged.In the future, He said, Intel will fight back to regain its title as the world’s largest chipmaker and bring chip manufacturing back to the United States.Commitment, keep up with the action, then Intel announced the initial investment of $20 billion (127 billion yuan) in Ohio build two chip manufacturing plant, and the investment number will gradually expand to $100 billion (634 billion RMB), the goal is to create a “the world’s largest chip manufacturing base”.According to Kisinger, Intel has already started planning for the two chipmaking plants, with construction expected to begin later this year and production to begin as early as 2025.Intel has also committed $100 million to work with local educational institutions to build a talent pipeline and find more talent faster.In addition, Intel also locked TSMC, Apple, Micron, AMD, Samsung and other competitors, using the temptation of high salaries to poach talents from these companies, such as Micron’s CHIEF financial officer, Apple M1 chief chip designer, and many senior AMD executives have jumped to Intel to help it achieve its ambitious goals as soon as possible.Topic | | wen li plutonium Zeng Yi umpire | li plutonium