Potted raise a flower for a period of time, how to do hard soil?It’s easy with these little things

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No matter where you live, potted plants are often preferred in the process of growing flowers and plants for ease of work.In potted plants, some difficulties are unavoidable, such as soil caking.Because potted culture flowers and plants plants, plant growth and development needs nutrients all need to come from the soil.At the same time, the soil will be damaged to some extent by plant roots, so soil caking will occur frequently.Potted raises a flower to plant grass after period of time, soil staged the symptom of large area agglomerate, hard, how should do?In fact, in addition to replacing the soil, there are many tricks that can change the structure and fertility of the soil to make it suitable for plant life and development again.And what are the specific methods, the following details for you to introduce some!Seller often manual digging soil agglomerate is actually a process of gradual change, so if the soil is not fully before deterioration, soil itself have a certain self-adjustment ability, we can directly began to use the manual digging physical method, to help ease the speed of soil agglomerate, actually also is able to achieve a goal.What is the best time to manually loosen the soil?In general, before watering the flowers, we manually loosen the soil, which can improve water utilization and absorption rate, while reducing or reducing the possibility of water accumulation.And when the soil is semi-dry and semi-wet, manually loosening the soil again can speed up the drainage of water, but also can let the outside air into the soil to change the structure of the soil, and ensure the respiration and metabolism of the root of the plant, which is beneficial to the plant and soil.(2) The use of soil improvers Now more and more people grow flowers and grass, naturally with a variety of special effects of the drug is also more and more.And in order to ensure that the soil will not change dramatically, a direct threat to the survival and development of plants, usually people can be in the early stage of planting flowers and plants on the purchase of some soil amendments or microbial agents, in case of a rainy day.Use them regularly as instructed to improve the soil as soon as it cakes!General soil amendments need to be made into an aqueous solution to water the soil in advance, so in the process of watering the soil, we also need to respect the habits of plants, do see dry watering wet, dry not watering or dry through watering!Of course, in the process of use, it is also necessary to control the concentration of microbial agents or soil improvers, in order to prevent excessive concentration directly threaten the survival of plants.And the concentration is higher than the manual, can not play the role of “1+1 is greater than 2”!(iii) Use peel water or plant ash in addition to the use of these specialized agents, peel water can also be used, it can effectively integrate soil salt and alkali substances, and lasting use!And cut up fresh orange peel or orange peel directly, after soaking in the tap water of normal temperature one evening, irrigate the flowers and plants plants in water shortage, still can synchronously fill water to add fertilizer, reduce the cost that raises a flower on maximum limit!In addition, plant ash contains potassium can also improve the adaptability of plant root, and plant ash for alkaline substances, when too much acidic soil is not suitable for plant survival directly into the soil surface and a layer of vegetation, can not only change the ph of the soil, effectively control soil agglomerate, at the same time can effectively sterilize bacteria elimination, resist pests and diseases.★ Ultimate kill: the old soil all change soil caking, if the use of these small skills above still can not completely solve the problem, or feel the speed of relief is very slow, to a certain extent will affect the normal growth and development of plants.It is often possible to simply replace all the old soil in situ.The plant can be pulled upside down by hitting the outside of the pot with the tool of a hammer to help separate the soil from the pot.After cleaning up the soil on the roots, trim off all the diseased and aging roots, and soak carbendazim aqueous solution for 20 to 30 minutes for sterilization and disinfection.It can then be dried and replanted in suitable soil!In addition, to prevent the soil from clumping again quickly and becoming hard, 10 to 20 percent of fine sand or similar granular media can be mixed into the soil.And in the usual watering topdressing process, pay attention to some methods and skills, effective watering water impact on the soil, to a certain extent, can also effectively alleviate the speed of usually caking, so that the soil can remain loose and breathable for a longer period of time, for the survival and development of plants escort!Although the problem of soil caking is unavoidable, it is not incurable. Therefore, we should observe more and be more patient in the process of breeding.Remember: if you are interested in this issue, collect the article in case you can’t get there!