Student work (9) The dawn is breaking and we are going to the future together

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The year of 2020 is an extraordinary year. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has made people nervous. In an otherwise happy year, no one had the heart to drink and talk about their lofty ideals.The country was unprepared for the outbreak, and the virus that flourished in the cities took many lives.Must humanity be brought to its knees?No, humans don’t give in to viruses!The more violent the virus, the more tenacious the Chinese!At the time of the epidemic, people knew it like a blank sheet of paper, but they knew everything about our bodies.As in war, the enemy is on the defensive and we are on the defensive.Man took up his pen and fought for his survival, writing and writing on this piece of white paper, drawing its shape in bright black lines, writing its symptoms, creating its cure.At the beginning of 2021, this piece of paper full of Chinese sons and daughters struggle to become a life-saving medical book, so that people all over the world can no longer experience life and death separation.Human learning ability is infinite, as long as there is a heart, we can explore, we can go.That was the end of the first epidemic, and people finally settled down.But that didn’t last long. Soon, the virus began to evolve, and they multiplied.At the end of 2021, this is the closest we’ve ever been to an epidemic.However, a new blank sheet of paper appeared, and people could only repeat the last action and write the book of saving people on the blank sheet of paper again.The doctors and nurses who go upstream, the volunteers who deliver supplies, the doctors who study hard… these teams and determination have not changed, but they have accumulated richer experience, more skilled skills, and more common people’s hearts.Water can carry the boat can also overturn the boat, the people are water, water is carrying medical staff and the boat of the disease struggle, heart and soul together boat stability.The medical staff who stand by every day, no matter how hard it is, and the volunteers who are full of hope for tomorrow, no matter how tired they are, firmly believe that we can overcome this crisis.The epidemic will not bring China to its knees, but will only make China stronger!China’s flag will never fall, China’s deeds will always shine!(Original author: Zhao Jiaying, Class 12, Grade 9)