The “blood slave” incident in Cambodia brought out a large number of netizens were cheated in job hunting, and some people recruited ma To sell drugs

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Zeng Lingke, chief reporter of Jimu News, recently attracted widespread attention when a Young Chinese man was tricked into becoming a “blood slave” in Cambodia. He claimed to have gone abroad after applying for a job on responded that it had not found the recruitment information posted by the company he mentioned and was cooperating with the police investigation.The reporter searched “” and “fake recruitment” as keywords on the referee documents website, and found a large number of cases of job seekers being cheated due to false recruitment information.Some of them posted fake job postings on looking for mads to sell drugs, others applied for jobs and ended up delivering drugs, and others applied for jobs and ended up joining a prostitution ring.The lawyer analyzed that had an obligation to review the job postings on its website.If the company fails to conduct further verification and deletion after receiving the complaint, it and the recruitment company shall also bear joint liability.Recently, Jiumei news reported that a young Chinese man, Li Linpeng (pseudonym), was kidnapped to Cambodia to find a job. He became a “blood slave” because he refused to take part in online fraud, which attracted widespread attention.In an interview, Li recalled that he saw a nightclub in Guangxi looking for a security guard on in May 2021, and then went to Chongzuo city, Guangxi for an interview based on the recruitment information.Results to Chong Left, claiming to be a nightclub will be sent to Pingxiang, pingxiang eventually someone will be kidnapped to Cambodia.Because the other side with a gun, Li Linpeng can not escape and resistance.In Cambodia, the network fraud company will be bought after li Linpeng asked its network fraud, Because Li Linpeng refused to engage in the work every day beaten.Eventually, the other party directly in the form of blood from Li Linpeng profit, he was drawn blood to critically ill after thrilling escape.Li has been treated in hospital, but the recruitment website has come under heavy criticism from netizens.Under the news, many netizens reported that they had been defrauded when applying for jobs on February 18, journalists tried to post recruitment information on, but the system showed that the company’s name, registration number, corporate name and ID number were required for verification.Sun, an entrepreneur who posted job postings on, told Jimunews that the site does verify the qualifications of companies, but does not further check the job postings.He was under the impression that companies charged for many steps to post job listings on, but failed to find the right people in the end.A technology company based in Guangxi province also posted a job listing for a mobile phone salesman and a hotpot restaurant manager when jimu news searched for job listings.On February 18, responded to a reporter saying that had learned of a report that “a young man looking for a job was taken to Cambodia and turned into a ‘blood bag'”, and related information referred to the has communicated with relevant departments and learned that the case is under ongoing investigation. will fully cooperate with the police. At present, has not found the recruitment information previously released by the company mentioned in the has always attached great importance to information audit, and constantly strengthened the qualification audit of the platform for enterprises to enter, to ensure the legal registration of enterprises, and to ensure that users get true and effective recruitment information.On February 18, a reporter searched the website of “” for “fake recruitment” and found nearly 100 cases of job seekers being cheated by false recruitment information in the past three years.Among them, someone in posted false recruitment information, the real purpose is to find ma boy drug trafficking.According to the criminal ruling of huang Xingxing and Zhu Mingzheng for the Second Instance of The Crime of Smuggling, trafficking, Transportation and Manufacturing of Narcotic Drugs released in March 2021, the drug traffickers dissolved water and alcohol in Xiaomeng La, Myanmar, and delivered it to Ma zai through logistics and express delivery to Chongqing, where ma Zai picked up the goods, extracted them and traded them.They were recruited through tieba and, and they had to carry drugs in Myanmar before they could work in the mainland to extract and trade drugs.Huang Xingxing and Zhu Mingzhengzheng, two of those men, were sentenced to death and life in prison.In a ruling on the crime of organizing prostitution released in April 2021, a prostitute surnamed Ding confessed that she was recruited to work at the Xidu club in Huai ‘an through was eventually convicted of assisting in organizing prostitution, sentenced to two years in prison.In these cases of false job information, the most common one is to post false job information and collect profits from applicants during interviews. The illegal income in two months can reach more than 2 million yuan.According to an order issued at the end of 2020, Yang Jianing, a henan native, and his accomplys set up an online fraud group with a clear division of labor. Publicity agents posted fake recruitment information on and other websites to attract victims, collectively known as “xiaobai”.Xiaobai click on the information, will be recommended to customer service, customer service to xiaobai recommended work, and in the name of vest fee, margin, number fee and other fraudulent property.After that, the customer service will also be recommended to the training, training personnel continue to training fees and other name fraudulently property.In this way, between February and April 2017, the fraud group defrauded a total of more than 2 million yuan.In other similar cases, fraud gangs have charged fees such as registration fees, access card fees, clothing fees, certificate fees and materials fees after Posting fake job advertisements to attract job seekers.From 2018 to 2020, some gangs directly posted fake recruitment ads on, which were used to defraud applicants of resumes and other citizens’ personal information for sale, making a total profit of 4.69 million yuan.Xu Hao, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, analyzed to Jimu news that has an obligation to review recruitment information posted on its website.According to the Provisions of the E-commerce Law, e-commerce platform operators need to check and register the identity, contact information and qualification license of the operators who provide services, such as the industrial and commercial business license of the enterprise, the identity information and contact information of the legal representative of the enterprise.If the publisher of the recruitment information can provide the above information, it is generally considered that the platform has fulfilled its obligation of review and is not liable.”However, some platforms fail to take necessary measures such as further verification or deletion, blocking or disconnection after receiving complaints from users about the recruitment company. In this case, the platform shall be jointly and severally liable for the increased losses with the recruitment company.”Xu Hao stressed.Xu hao said that according to the relevant provisions of the E-commerce Law, if the platform does not fulfill the audit and management obligations, the relevant competent authorities will order correction within a time limit;Those who fail to correct within the time limit shall be fined not less than 20,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan;If the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to stop business for rectification and imposed a fine of not less than 100,000 yuan but not more than 500,000 yuan.In addition, network platforms should establish effective management mechanisms and technical measures, and provide continuous security maintenance for their services.In the case of safety defects, loopholes, timely take remedial measures.Make cyber security emergency plans.If the network platform fails to remedy the security defect in time, it shall also be liable for compensation.Responsible editor: Liu Yuqin