A dream of the river’s lake: Lantern Festival holiday arrangements?New clothes, new home all have

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In a few days, it will be our traditional festival “Lantern Festival”. For most people, it is another good day for family reunion besides the Spring Festival.National wuxia mobile tour “a dream of the river’s lake” (the original “Chu Liuxiang mobile tour”) special update new content, new fashion, new furniture let players in the game can also be happy holiday!First up, the most anticipated new fashion!Have to say, “a dream all corners of the country” the recent launch of all members of the fashion immortal appearance level, this launch of the new fashion is also senior feeling full!The main color of the fashion is plain white, with the transition color from star blue to cloud blue, visually smooth and elegant, with the elements of stars and moon and the outline of gold lines, like bright stars, beautiful artistic conception.In the design of headwear, A Dream is also the use of stars and moon elements to the extreme, exquisite and not lack of a sense of holiness!Wearing this dress for the Lantern Festival is definitely a “Ma Jian kua” collection!Having new fashion is not enough, “A Dream is all corners of the Country” also specially creates the furniture with the star and moon theme for the player!A meniscus hanging in the home, players can sit on the moon swing, is not a bit of the moon goddess inside taste?To this end, many decoration masters also designed the same style of residence works, after reading, xiaobian just want to carry a bag to stay!For example this player, open up a party elegant house in his mansion, wooden material is built, antique, the distribution of flowers and trees outside the house, enter the eye is clear lake water, night cooperates with light, artistic conception feeling is very!With a bright moon, it’s like the hermit life of ancient masters!If in this elegant house next to place crescent moon swing again, comfortable feeling came out, this session of players really have a little level!Of course, since it is the furniture of curved moon shape, fairyland wind mansion must be a strong mirror wave!Rockery stones connected to floating buildings, if you add a layer of cloud filter, no problem on the cloud of the city ah!If the player is interested, you can place it in a corner of the courtyard. It can be perfectly integrated into the decoration of the whole mansion, and give extra points to the appearance level of the mansion.In addition, there are players ready for the Lantern Festival head hang, ready to pull their own friends on the day of the Lantern Festival street performance, a long line of Lantern Festival head walk in the busy streets.The kid next door saw it, afraid not to directly greedy cry?To see so many players prepared enough, I believe that we can also experience the sense of traditional festival ceremony in the “a dream of the river’s lake”!Do not know what we have for the Lantern Festival imagination and arrangements?Feel free to share the discussion in the comments section!