Big grasp project, pay close attention to investment!Pudong spared no efforts to get off to a good start in ensuring steady growth for the year

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The quarterly conference on steady growth of Pudong New Area in the first quarter of 2022 and the promotion of major construction projects was held in the New Area office center yesterday.Meeting hosted by the standing committee of the municipal party committee, secretary of the district party committee Zhu Zhisong and in his speech, pointed out that to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary at the central economic work conference’s important speech spirit, the responsibilities, on deep understanding to pudong to not I stay, the urgency of proactive and seize the day, let the pudong development “”,With new outstanding results to meet the 20th national Congress and the city’s 12th party Congress successfully held.Zhu zhisong pointed out that Pudong is shouldering a heavy responsibility to ensure steady growth this year. It should have a clear understanding of the situation, shoulder the heavy burden bravely, and make every effort to get off to a good start for steady growth this year.Pudong new area economy to achieve double-digit growth last year, further improve the proportion of the whole city, the municipal party committee municipal government of pudong economic development is also put forward new requirements, we face difficulties to sound bites, task to carry out the will slowly but surely, various aspects work should pay attention to coordination, further enhance the clearer defect display of lead area, influence.Zhu zhisong stressed that the construction of major projects should be promoted in an orderly and efficient manner.Construction projects are related to the expansion of industrial scale and upgrading of energy level, and affect the future economic output and people’s well-being. The district Committee held a meeting to promote major projects, which aims to release the clear guidance of “focusing on projects and investing” and drive high-quality development with high-intensity investment.Each department, each unit should compare the total amount target and the progress target, do a good job of task decomposition, do a good job of progress management, do a good job of early preparation.Zhu stressed the need to adapt to the trend, take a long-term view, and do everything possible to build momentum for high-quality economic development.Seek improvement in stability, this year’s economic work, on one hand have to deal with the current, steady base, seeks the long term, focus on the impact force, key points of the economic and social development exert oneself to solve some basic and fundamental problems, focus on the new system design, the development of new space, new project reserves, circuit layout, storing energy for the future development.Deputy secretary general of the municipal government, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, district Chief Hang Yingwei pointed out that this year’s work to the target of the year, compaction responsibility, grasp early, to protect the season, to protect the year, continue to be a good stabilizer of the city’s economy, ballast stone, power source.At the meeting, Dong Yiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and deputy district Governor, deployed the first quarter of steady growth to ensure the start of the work.Yang Chao, deputy head of the District Committee, Wu Qiang, Bi Guiping attended the meeting.New area development and reform commission report 2021 work summary, steady growth in the first quarter of 2022 have steady growth and the whole society fixed assets investment and major construction projects to promote work plan, district finance bureau, tax bureau, business committee, economic committee, committee on diplomatic relations between the steady growth in 2021 and 2022 in the first quarter of steady growth, promote the related measures for major projects for communication.Source: Pudong