Shunyi Airport No. 2 Elementary School carried out a series of thematic education activities of “learning to regulate positive behavior and cultivate habits”

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In order to further promote the formation of education, so that students develop good learning habits, behavior habits and moral quality, Airport No. 2 Elementary School has carried out a series of themed education activities of “learning to standardize behavior and cultivate habits”.At the launching meeting, Vice Principal Yu Jingshu interpreted the activity plan of Developing education month and led teachers and students to study the “One-day Routine of Airport No.2 Primary School” one by one, clarifying the specific requirements and standards, so that students can abide by rules and follow rules.New semester, new starting point, new goal.Each class held a class meeting on the theme of “The first lesson of the new Semester”.Review the “rules” and “norms”, refine the class requirements in combination with the “One-day routine” of Airport No.2 Primary School, talk about the beauty of civilization around you, sow the flowers of civilization in your heart, and infiltrate civilized behavior in your words and deeds.The Moral Education Department carries out special training for school-level red scarf volunteers and small posts in class, clarifying the job responsibilities of the posts, and promoting the development of civilized habits of all students through demonstration, inspection, guidance and feedback.As an old Chinese saying goes, “Nothing can be accomplished without rules and standards.”Forming good habits is the most crucial link in education. Good habits should start bit by bit, take root from the details, and do every little thing well.The implementation of “three immediately” after class in Airport No. 2 Primary School not only puts tables, chairs and books neatly, but also promotes students’ good habits and improves students’ civilized qualities.Give full play to the incentive role of “charming youth, charming class” evaluation, according to the daily inspection, students’ performance, comprehensive selection of charming youth, charming class every week, the flag-raising ceremony for evaluation and summary, praise the advantages, point out the shortcomings, give improvement suggestions, set up a model, example guidance.The second “Three posture Competition” of Airport No. 2 Primary School stimulated students’ sense of class honor, enhanced the cohesion of class body, standardized the standing posture, walking posture and sitting posture of each student in the class, and showed the good style of energetic and positive students in No.2 Primary School.The development of a series of themed education activities, “Learn to regulate and Improve behavior and Habits”, has promoted the normalization and standardization of behavior and habit formation education.To create a positive, healthy and harmonious campus cultural atmosphere.