Today’s oil price: Today February 13, nationwide gas stations, adjusted 92, 95 gasoline retail prices

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Oil price update: Sunday February 13th, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that global oil prices are likely to rise further as OPEC+ struggles to restore production “for a long time” unless the group’s Middle East heavyweights pump extra to fill the supply gap.Light crude for March 2022 delivery rose $3.22, or 3.58%, to settle at $93.10 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange yesterday.London Brent crude for April 2022 rose $3.03, or 3.31%, to settle at $94.44 a barrel.The third round of 2022 oil price adjustment statistics: International oil price continues to hit a high, refined oil products rise nearly a week, the international oil price has risen continuously, the most terrible is, yesterday closed the international oil price jumped nearly 4%, now the average price of U.S. cloth crude oil reached 94 DOLLARS/barrel, again hit a new high in 7 years!Affected by this, the new round of oil price as high as 145 yuan/ton is expected to continue to expand, the current oil price has risen more than 1 yuan/liter, if the rise continues, four days later on the evening of February 17th, I am afraid that the new oil price will rise sharply.Today, February 13, the latest gasoline prices around the country, the latest diesel price list: finally, the domestic oil prices: Today, February 13, we will take a look at some regions of the gasoline and diesel prices;Anhui 7.74 yuan/l, 8.3 yuan/l, 7.5 yuan/l;Guizhou 60 # ordinary diesel price is 7.43 yuan/liter;The price of gasoline in Guizhou is 7.80 yuan/liter.Guizhou Guo6 No.95 gasoline price is 8.24 yuan/liter;Shandong Guoliu 92# gasoline was sold at 7.65 yuan/liter;Shandong Guo-95 gasoline was sold at 8.21 yuan per liter;Shandong Guoliu 98# gasoline sold at 8.93 yuan/liter.