When will sky-high salaries end?These big stars earn what ordinary people earn for a thousand years

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Article 17 edit | | – travel lane in August 2016, CCTV news channel and shamed, for the first time of the showbiz star our highest paid.Since then, official organizations and the public have repeatedly called for a reduction in stars’ pay, but to little effect.On February 10, 2022, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) issued new regulations on the issue of sky-high remuneration for stars.The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has hit hard this time.In the plan directly proposed, all actors and actresses should not be paid more than 40% of the total production cost!And require film and television industry to strictly implement!After the notice was sent out, the news was instantly on the real-time hot list, causing a heated discussion among netizens!Internet users have reacted with excitement to the move to curb stars’ pay.After all, some stars basically rely on stand-ins and dubbing for their films, but they are often paid tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, which is ridiculous!Let’s take a look at how much celebrities are overpaid.Zhou Dongyu debuted as the “Mou Girl” in 2010.Zhou dongyu was still in high school when she shot Under the Hawthorn Tree. She was paid only 150,000 yuan for the film.Although Zhang Yimou’s salary is not high, zhou Dongyu will not suffer from his position as director.Sure enough, Zhou Dongyu became an instant hit after the film was released and quickly became a rising star in the film industry, which can be said to be the peak of her debut!She has a high starting point, in the debut, the film immediately far away from the same female star a large cut.Then, in 2016, zhou Dongyu won the Golden Horse Award for best Actress for Her role in Soul Mate, and her value soared hundreds of times.In 2019, The King Behind the Scenes, starring Zhou Dongyu, went quiet after its premiere, getting only 5.9 points on Douban.Audiences were not impressed by zhou Dongyu’s acting skills, and the show’s reputation was mediocre.While Zhou Dongyu has been criticized for her acting skills, her salary for the King behind the Scenes has been revealed unexpectedly.To audiences’ surprise, Zhou dongyu was paid 108 million yuan for the show, which was neither popular nor popular.What does 108 million mean?As a migrant worker, you started working in 1022, during the Northern Song Dynasty.Every month the monthly salary is more than eight thousand, the annual salary is one hundred thousand, do not eat or drink, all the income is saved up.After you have worked for a thousand years, you will get 100 million in 2022!That is to say, when Zhou Dongyu shoots a film, others need to pay a thousand years of efforts!In fact, Zhou Dongyu deserves a high salary for her acting skills and her status in the film industry.But isn’t she getting more than $100 million for just one show too much?Ma Ke: Zhou Dongyu was paid 50 million yuan for being a child star, mainly because of her role as the leading actress.After all, there are many stars in the entertainment circle, and only a few are known as the queen and emperor.Some stars have never won an award and are not famous, but their salaries are also significant, like Marco!Just mention the name Marco, many netizens may feel strange.In 2004, he appeared in “Home with Children” as Snow’s boyfriend “Wild Boy.”Ten years later, In 2014, Ma played the feminine and seductive Qian Qian Mo in The Journey of Flower.”The Journey of Flower” hit, along with Marco is a little famous!Unfortunately, Since the Journey of Flower, Marco has acted in a number of films, but none of them are worth his weight in gold.Until 2017, Ma Ke was ridiculed by netizens for his “greasy” acting in the TV series Aurora Love, and his face dancing.As the saying goes, black and red are also red!Marco may not make it into the a-list, but he does get paid a lot!In 2017, Ma Ke took over the role of new Dragon Gate Inn, the Internet is said to be the male lead, Ma Ke received more than 50 million yuan.Contrast those who are often scolded flow of small fresh meat, Marco this is really muffled sound made a fortune!Quietly earned 50 million yuan, a play for a set of school district housing in One ring of Beijing, more amazing than pie from heaven.Even a third-tier star like Ma Ke, with little popularity and no awards, can earn so much money for one film.No wonder now so many people crowded broken head, even sharp head, want to get into the entertainment industry share a cup of soup!As the old saying goes, no one’s money comes from the wind!The money of the entertainment circle, may really come from the strong wind…Marco may not have the money, but his acting skills are decent, and at the very least, he gets to act himself.On the contrary, angel baby Yang Ying, debut is still only “staring party” acting, not professional behavior can be found everywhere when filming, film pay has reached ten million level!In the shooting of A Song in the Clouds, Yang Ying’s fake food left Du Chun stunned and many netizens puzzled.With such a high salary and acting skills, is it so hard to have a snack?In the same show, Yang Ying was found to be fake crying by netizens!Other actors rely on eye drops to fake tears, but Ying is more convenient, directly let the late P a drop of tears.Yang Ying couldn’t cry in the TV series, but she was able to rely on post-production tears, but it was not so easy in the film.In 2011, she used a combination of eye drops and a tear stick to create a misty-eyed, pity-eyed look while filming the Founding of a Party.Andy Lau was shocked when the staff squeezed eye drops for Ying.Estimate the king of days from work for decades, or the first time to see such an operation!Unfortunately, with the addition of eye drops, Yang ying’s performance in this part is still not very good.In 2017, Yang ying received an online backlash for her extensive use of body doubles and cutters in Lonely Fang Not To Admire Herself.You know, Ying was paid $80 million for this show.As a result, the work she presented to the audience, in addition to her years of pompous acting, only because of the stingy and stiff picture.Faced with the audience’s doubts, Yang’s words made netizens even more excited.For a 62-episode TV series, Yang only stayed on the set for 69 days, abusing stunts and cutters to get her work done, and she was easily paid 80 million yuan.She was boycotted by netizens, word of mouth fell off a cliff, resources have also declined, can only be said to be the reincarnation of cause and effect!Compared to Yang Ying’s perfunctory attitude, her ex-husband Huang Xiaoming is much more dedicated to his work.Since his debut, Huang Xiaoming has served as the “No.1 brother of Huayi Brothers” in his peak period, holding the Best Actor trophy in his hand.He also went through a low point in his life, cut his salary to return to television, looking for a breakthrough.But huang xiaoming has always been serious about acting, whether it’s the highs or the lows.When Huang xiaoming filmed the Return of the Condor Heroes in 2006, he was paid only 8,000 yuan per episode, totaling 400,000 yuan.With Huang xiaoming’s entry into the big screen and success in the film industry, his value has also risen.In 2016, Huang xiaoming earned 40 million yuan for filming Xuan Zang.Huang xiaoming is really a small price to pay compared to his ex-wife Yang Ying’s 80 million yuan salary.However, the total box office of the film was just over 30 million yuan. Huang xiaoming’s salary alone was nearly 10 million yuan higher than the box office.Box office failure not to say, investors still want to lose a lot of money, no problem of blood loss!In 2019, Huang Xiaoming earned 60 million yuan for his role in the film Heroes of Fire.However, after tax deduction, Huang Xiaoming actually got only about 10 million yuan.At the end of 2021, a sideline of Huang xiaoming’s time on the set sparked heated discussion online.In the video, the actress slapped Huang in the face more than a dozen times, each time with full force, making Huang’s hair fly!Huang xiaoming not only bore the dozen slaps, but also comforted the worried actress.Many netizens praised Huang xiaoming’s dedication, while many netizens said: “Give me 60 million yuan, let me be slapped in the face 365 days a year!Ni Ni, like Zhou Dongyu, started out as a “Mou girl”.”The Flowers of War” made her numerous awards, laid her high starting point in the entertainment circle.After debut, Ni Ni is in film circle mix wind and water rise, she turns a head to come to TV circle development.In 2018, Ni ni starred in her first TV series, TianSheng Changge.In the face of the first set foot in the small screen Ni Ni, investors waved, directly gave Ni Ni 97.77 million remuneration!In contrast, Chen Kun, the leading actor, was paid a head less than Ni Ni as the best actor, only getting 70 million yuan.Ni Ni and Chen Kun film pay difference, nearly 20 million, this 20 million is how many ordinary people can not dream of!Not to mention Ni Ni took nearly 100 million film pay, equivalent to a monthly salary of 10,000 ordinary people, work for 814 years to earn!Before the broadcast, the cast has been advertised as a big production, production costs up to 500 million yuan.However, in the huge production cost, just Ni Ni and Chen Kun two people’s remuneration, accounted for one-third.Investors give money readily, a hundred million said to give without blinking.Unfortunately ni Ni has a price without the city, the return is quite bleak!The drama is a tragedy, refresh hunan TV’s lowest ratings.Not only ratings slump, Ni Ni’s reputation also collapsed completely.Ni Ni came in second in an online poll as the “most disappointing actress”.Although Ni ni’s small screen debut, TianSheng Changge (” heavenly Sheng Changge “), came to an abrupt end, she has been receiving offers for new plays and films since.Let’s just say the entertainment industry is short of everything except money.Wallace Huo made his debut in The Chinese island of Taiwan. After his debut, he starred in a variety of idol dramas in Taiwan, where he never really hit the big time.After that, Wallace moved to the mainland and was paid many times more than he had been in Taiwan.When Wallace took part in Chinese Paladin iii in 2002, he was reportedly paid 80,000 yuan per episode.As we all know, “Chinese Paladin Iii” in the mainland popular, has not been able to surpass.The drama, along with all the leading actors, went viral, and Wallace Huo gained a place in the mainland entertainment circle.In 2015, Wallace Huo became a household name in China for his role as Bai Zihua in the Journey of Flower.While the popularity is greatly promoted, his price rises crazily all the way!Secondly, Wallace huo spent nearly a year shooting the show.Zhou Xun, the leading actress in Ruyi’s Legend, received 53 million yuan, bringing their total salary to more than 100 million yuan.Faced with the similar salaries of the two leading actors, many netizens questioned why Wallace huo and Zhou Xun were paid the same as each other.Zhou Xun from the film after the trophy to get soft, is the first person to get three gold film queen grand slam, huo Jianhua in the entertainment circle what achievements?First of all, compared with a TV drama, Wallace Huo’s salary of 560,000 yuan per episode is not sky-high for an actor who is usually worth 100 million yuan.At least Wallace huo has the appearance level also has the acting ability, is worth much more than some actors!Secondly, Wallace huo spent nearly a year shooting the show.That’s enough time for some actors to get three or four bad shows and make a lot of money.Besides, compared to those actors with high investment and low return.Ruyi’s legend has earned 1.5 billion yuan, and the 50 million yuan that Wallace huo was paid to star in it is obviously a great return.When Lu Han was an idol in South Korea, his popularity skyrocketed, far surpassing that of his Chinese teammates.His popularity rose after he terminated his contract with a Korean agency.In the first few years of his return to China, Lu’s popularity reached its peak.Together with other small fresh meat, opened a dynamic flow era.Han developed much faster than the rest of the team, and after returning to China, he became a film and television star.In 2017, he was already the second highest-paid celebrity!According to online rumors, Lu Han was paid 130 million yuan for his role in The Film “Destiny of The Dead”.Such a sky-high remuneration, refresh the user on the flow of two words of cognition!As an idol singer who has just returned to China, Lu han’s first TV series was a leading actor in a big-budget IP project, and he was paid more than 100 million yuan!Lu Han’s sky-high salary has caused a huge controversy on the Internet.In the eyes of celebrities, 80 million is a far cry from 100 million.However, according to industry insiders, Lu’s salary is close to 100 million yuan, if not 130 million yuan.Later, famous paparazzi Xu Wei also revealed that Lu han’s salary is as high as 80 million yuan!In the eyes of celebrities, 80 million is a far cry from 100 million.But in the eyes of ordinary people, 80 million and 100 million are all huge figures that can be expected but not be.Ordinary people could not earn so much money just by working hard and reincarnating dozens of lifetimes!Lu Han is just one representative of the era of traffic, and there are many more entertainers like him.Many netizens said that the most busy and tired of these young fresh meat shooting is probably the money printing machine!However, whether young or old, the entertainment industry is a big environment, all actors are ridiculously overpaid.What matters is that most of the money is spent on actors, and the production budget is squeezed to the point where the production is shoddily made.It is always the innocent audience that ends up suffering and paying for capital.I hope the state Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) will implement the measures to control film pay and effectively curb the phenomenon of bad money driving out good money in the entertainment industry.Save more money for the show itself, rather than putting it in the stars’ pockets!Ma Ke’s salary may reach 56.34 million yuan, Qi Wei 31.13 million yuan