Air briefing for class of 2022

2022-05-11 0 By

On the afternoon of March 23rd, the air lecture held by ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. and the school was successfully held through the third-party platform of Tencent Conference. The whole lecture lasted nearly 2 hours, and more than 200 people watched the live broadcast at the same time.The air lecture was specially promoted online for our graduates. Yin Jinze, the recruitment director of Ankai Automobile Co., LTD., introduced the enterprise’s development strategy and the overall arrangement of spring campus recruitment in detail from five aspects, including company profile, talent concept, recruitment position, salary and treatment and recruitment methods.In the q&A session, graduates actively interact with employers, “What are the specific requirements for administrative positions?””Does the company have a systematic training path for new graduates?”The atmosphere in the studio was lively.Yin Jinze answered them one by one through video “face to face”, and gave specific guidance and suggestions for the future career planning of graduates.Due to the impact of the epidemic, offline recruitment activities were suspended. The university promptly switched employment modes and actively opened up online employment channels to minimize the impact of the epidemic on graduates’ employment and effectively meet the needs of graduates and employers for employment.The announcement of the success of the air, opened a new way for graduates to apply for a job during the epidemic prevention and control, to transfer the traditional off-line preaching and campus recruitment to the line, broke the geographical, space and time limit, let the students meet with the enterprise HR can intuitive and in-depth understanding of the enterprise to conduct a comprehensive and understanding, to the scene to preach recruitment “homogeneous equivalent” the effect.Since the opening of the registration channel, employers have eagerly made reservations. This week, 8 employers from construction, automobile, manufacturing, computer and other industries have successfully signed up.As the next step, the University will invite more employers to actively hold aerial information sessions to build a broad platform for the employment of graduates, minimize the impact of the epidemic on employment, and encourage graduates to get full and high-quality employment.Written by: Employment and entrepreneurship Guidance Center Jiangshan review: Huang Shenglong Editor: Publicity Department Xia Yafeng review: Dong Kun