Buy precious jade online, why is the package so simple?

2022-05-11 0 By

Like Hotan, please pay attention to us.Online shopping is becoming more and more common now.Whether it is small to a few yuan of ordinary daily necessities, or thousands of precious jewelry.But we also found a problem, that is why the online purchase of precious jade jewelry packaging is very simple?Be such for instance: box of this kind of jewelry, bracelet is checked on the net, namely a few dollars fluctuation basically.Some of my own online clients have also asked me.”Hello, why I bought tens of thousands of bracelets in your home, the result of the package in an ordinary box inside to send over?”So today I wrote such an article to explain it to you.Because online shopping is different from physical stores.Physical stores are basically not easy to return goods after customers are optimistic, except in special circumstances.So the packing is exquisite.The return rate of online shopping is too high.Customers repeatedly underground single, see goods, returns.Honestly, it sucks the packaging.Good packaging box dozens of hundreds, plus mailing costs.This is not a small expense for businesses.So a piece of jade.When the customer did not have the final confirmation, the merchant sent out the ordinary jewelry box.Of course, after you confirm, to the business requirements, to a relatively good packaging box, jewelry box many businesses or willing to.There are hundreds of these boxes made to order.Dozens of boxes.