Dou broken sky: burn inflammation valley dou Sheng sit, strength far more than the two valley, why do not want to show up?

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When Xiao Yan traveled to The state, then we know that the state’s forces are divided into a temple a tower two three valley four pavilion, respectively, is the soul palace, Dan tower, the underworld, flower, sound valley, burning valley, ice valley, fenglei Pavilion, Yellow spring pavilion, star meteorite pavilion and ten thousand sword pavilion.In these state of the top power, the strength of Danta and soul temple is higher than other big cut, because they have the presence of the fight saint sitting.The other powers are most numerous than the half-holy ones, but among them there is actually a power that fights the holy ones, and that is the Valley of Burnt Fire.The founder of The Valley, Lao Zu, was the peak of the nine stars, and was also friendly with xiao Xuan, the chief of the Xiao clan. Xiao Xuan invented the three mysterious changes of heaven fire for the Valley.The most important thing was that Lao Zu, Xiao Xuan and two others were considered the most likely to break through emperor Doudi.As a legacy of The late King, The Valley is now in decline, but it is good that it is still in such a state as there is no lineage of Emperor Doudi.And now the valley still has a fighting saint – fire cloud old ancestor, a star fighting saint.But the same three valleys, the Valley of Sound and the Valley of Ice, even the Flower and Hades, are only half-holy.It’s fair to say that Burnt Valley is more powerful than the others, but he still keeps a low profile.Burn inflammation valley has dou Shengzhen, strength is far more than the other two valleys, why is not willing to show?Now Tang Zhen is in charge of the valley, is a champion, in the mainland is also relatively top strength.Burnt Valley is one of the best on the continent, and it’s pretty good now.Fighting saints is a rarity on the mainland.After all, there are more powerful forces and organizations behind it, and if they show their full strength, they can’t have any higher status.The other power must have some cards to play, and this holy strongman is the most important card.If it is revealed early, the rival forces will have countermeasures, the cards must be hidden deep.And after all, the Valley of fire is the fire left behind, and now there is still the fire cloud of fire, fire valley must know a lot of things, like the ancient eight tribes and so on.So Burn valley certainly need to have a card to deal with some crisis, not to show certainly also have this meaning.Lao Zu of Fire Cloud in The valley of Fire is indeed a fighting saint, but his body is a hidden danger.This is in xiao Yan they find burning valley alliance, fire cloud Lao Zu said, oneself is sick.Since the fire cloud old ancestor body has hidden trouble, so in the battle real strength will certainly drop a line.The most important thing is that there is still a question mark as to whether the battle will last. It is better to keep it hidden and act as a deterrent in the back.So even though burning Valley has the seat of fighting saints, it cannot be easily revealed.After all, a force needs to have a solid card to prevent some crises, and even if it is revealed, it does not have much effect.