102.1 million euros!Newcastle united’s rise has begun with the arrival of seven players!

2022-05-12 0 By

One of the biggest surprises in world football last year was the Saudi takeover of Newcastle, making the underdogs the richest club in the world.The Saudi rich have also launched a series of measures to transform Newcastle into a first-class team within five years.Image from the Internet “a new broom, three fires”, this Newcastle united reform of the first fire to fire the manager sacked.The next action is “three words”, that is “buy, buy, buy”!Newcastle have been looking for the right players since the start of the New Year and are now ready to take advantage of the winter window.Seven players in a row to strengthen the team!Newcastle are the biggest spenders in Europe, spending 102.1 million euros to strengthen their squad during the winter transfer window.Newcastle united have signed seven players this winter, according to media reports.Tripper (15 million euros), Chris Wood (30 million euros), Guimarais (42.1 million euros), Taggart (on loan), Dan Bourne (15 million euros), Marty Longstaff (back on loan) and Jack Turner (back on loan), with Freddie Woodman and Hendrick on loan.The addition of these players has given Newcastle the capital to move up the league table, while the huge transfer fee has made Newcastle a headache for many teams because of their money.If their players are targeted by Newcastle, they are likely to be sold for a high price, so many teams have started to resist Newcastle’s “money storm”, but to little effect!Newcastle have spent 102.1 million euros on a number of players, and the pace has not stopped. When the next deal comes around, Newcastle will continue to buy and buy and overtake.The goal of premier League domination!