2022 Spring Festival rental survey report: 60% of renters will be willing to change their rent this year

2022-05-12 0 By

On February 17, 58.com and Anjuke released a survey report on rentals for the 2022 Spring Festival, showing that nearly 60 percent of renters are willing to change their rent this year.Renters in first-tier cities have more urgent rental needs, with 61.5% choosing to rent immediately after the Spring Festival.44.2% of renters hope to sign long-term rental contracts, with the rental period expected to be more than one year.Among them, renters in first-tier cities pursue stability more, and those who want to sign long-term lease contracts of more than one year account for 53.4%.As for the rental range, 39.9% of tenants choose the monthly rent range between 2,001 yuan and 3,000 yuan.Different cities have different rent preferences. 33.7 percent of renters in first-tier cities choose a monthly rent range of 3,001-5,000 yuan, while 42.6 percent of renters in new first-tier cities want a monthly rent range of 2,001 yuan to 3,000 yuan.In general, tenants expect monthly rent to be about 10-20% of their personal/family income, accounting for about 50%.About 30% of tenants can accept monthly rent of 20-30% of personal/family income.(Ji Simin, thepaper.cn journalist) (This article is from thepaper.cn. For more original information, please download thepaper.cn APP.)