3 electric cars on the “popular list”!No driver’s license, easy to get a license. The knife is only 1549

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Electric vehicles have now become the most basic means of transportation, with the end of the transitional period of overbidding cars around the country, the national standard electric bicycle will occupy more and more of the market.Today, let’s take a look at the three electric cars on the “popular list”, not only do not need to get a driver’s license, and the license is simple, this knife only 1549 yuan can win.Can be on the “popularity list” of products, must have two brushes.The 3 models sorted out by xiaobian, some cost-effective, with the least money to fully meet the needs of the owners of travel, some although the national standard car, but the endurance can catch up with the general electric light motorcycle, and pay attention to intelligence, from the debut on its own halo…Nonsense not to say, the popularity of the model will come soon.The first model: knife small D reference price: 1549 yuan The price of this car is only 1549 yuan, even some stores can give a discount.The configuration of small D is in fact the configuration of ordinary NATIONAL standard electric vehicles, there is no special subversive performance, why can board the “popularity list”?Small D perfect interpretation of the details win.Small D adopts 350W motor, 48V12Ah lead-acid battery and 6 tube sine wave controller, with a endurance of about 35km. Shock absorption and brake are general configurations, which can meet the needs of daily short-distance transportation.Let’s talk about the details. This car really notices a lot of problems that gb cars ignore.First of all, the pedal has made the anti-skid lines and widened, and the foot slips on rainy days. The NATIONAL standard electric car itself only has a front basket, and the pedal increases its anti-skid ability to prevent the items from slipping, which is very practical.In addition, the dashboard made anti-glare, under the sun can also see the amount of electricity, which is very practical, than a small series of big brand electric car to do a lot better.DE2 name can be described as “thunderbolt piercing ears”, a little understanding of the electric car should have heard of it, this is the gb electric car in the endurance king, to break the “GB car run not far” spell.The car is powered by a 48V24Ah lithium battery and a 400W motor with a range of 100km.DE2 also has a version of graphene lithium battery, which is 300 yuan more expensive than ordinary lithium battery, but there is little difference in configuration and battery life, so xiaobian feels there is no need to change.170mm front disc brake, front disc and rear drum brake system has been upgraded again to the vehicle, because it is a national standard electric car, the speed of 25km/h, so this configuration can be completely easy to brake, coupled with hydraulic shock absorption and vacuum tire, safety and comfort are no problem.3499 yuan of large brand high configuration long endurance lithium battery electric car, can be on the “popularity list” is reasonable.No. 9 is the leader in intelligent electric vehicles, launched each series whether appearance or performance is very different from traditional electric vehicles, this C60 although 4700, the price is on the high side, but there are also many owners willing to pay for its high appearance level and younger, intelligent.C60 uses 48V20Ah lithium battery with 400W motor, brake using the front disc and rear drum + energy recovery system, the vehicle can run farther, the endurance can reach 65km, vacuum tire and double section of the middle suspension, in addition to be sure to kua Kua no. 9 cushion, is a small series of electric cars to ride the most comfortable.Finally, let’s talk about the biggest feature that helps it get on the “popular list”, intelligence.Before a long time think electric car as long as it can meet the requirements of basic cycling, don’t need to have the function of other “dandy”, but for young people, induction unlock, intelligent locks, intelligent positioning, remote switch lock, each one is very useful, say faults, may be the app to use smart services that have to be paid, but is not mandatory,It’s up to the owner to pay for the service.To sum up, the above is the “popularity list” of the 3 cars, are national standard electric bicycles, do not need to get a driver’s license trouble, at the same time, these three are big brand vehicles, 3C certification, certificate is available, plate problems do not have to worry about.Small knife D, Yadi DE2, 9 C60, which one do you prefer?