Baby, don’t cry, corn is coming!

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The night wind, cold light dim The age of three young children, barefoot separates Walk alone in the empty streets Walk while helpless cry Baby, don’t cry Sorghum is coming late February 13, 2022, 11 PM Bai Shuihu the policemen liu jiang led the auxiliary police guo-jian zhang Patrols near binjiang road river lock floor See a little boy around the age of 3 Bare feet,Thinly clad,Liu Jiang immediately took off his sweater and wrapped the little boy in his arms and carried him to the police car to keep warm. The boy could not tell the details of his address, nor could he remember his parents’ phone number. Liu Jiang could only hold the little boy in his arms and looked for him from house to house when they found a house with the door openThe boy cried out, “This is my house.” It was early in the morning and there was only a seven-year-old girl in the room, fast asleep.Liu Jiang woke up the little girl that two people are brother brother brother called Cheng Cheng (pseudonym) and asked the cheng Cheng dad phone more than ten minutes after the police call Cheng Cheng dad hurried home both remorse and helplessly to explain to Liu Jiang original Cheng Cheng dad is a single father alone to raise the two sisters in order to make a living,After the children went to sleep part-time to deliver food did not expect sincerely late at night will run out to find him Sincerely dad to police repeatedly thank and said later won’t let the child alone at home sincerely safely returned home, also found the father, but sincerely late at night to find dad alone let Liu Jiang’s heart can not calm for a long time.The next day, he will report the matter to the party branch secretary Li Junqi, Li Junqi decided to baishuihu police station party branch to help cheng Cheng home.February 15 afternoon, is the Lantern Festival, by the Baishuihu police station party branch delegation, deputy director Lv Yiheng, police Liu Jiang came to cheng Cheng home, to further understand the family situation, cheng Cheng and family holiday greetings, and sent rice oil, dumplings and other necessities of life.In the next step, Xunyang public security will continue to care and help Chengcheng family to tide over difficulties.People’s public security for the people police fish and water one family material source: Baishuihu police Station editor: Chen Dexin Review: Ye Jihong, Wei Shuangshuang statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly handle.Email address: