Full print cotton-padded dress wear, arrangement

2022-05-12 0 By

Full print cotton-padded clothes + long-sleeved shirt + casual pant shoes: versatile matching color board shoes is not that you are not trendy, but that you do not get full print cotton-padded clothes to wear!Arrange for today!This collocation, the upper part of the body to choose a blue full printed cotton clothes, the pattern of color with lively, this winter is actually the point of such a single product;The front side of the bag design, practical and beautiful;The design of the standing collar not only plays a decorative role but also appears the cotton-padded clothes three-dimensional shape;Inside fold to wear a white half high collar T-shirt, after all, “external numerous inside simple” skills we can’t forget;Choose a black leg pants, comfortable and versatile;Shoes to choose a versatile color board shoes, the overall personality and no sense of violation, want to tide fan up you, get up!