How long and wide is the 82-inch TV

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The 82-inch screen is about 183 centimeters long and 105 centimeters wide.1. Television is a device that transmits moving pictures and audio signals using electronic technology.It was first invented by British engineer John Logie Baird in 1925.Television has been acknowledged as “one of the most important inventions of the 20th century”.Television is mainly composed of signal system, scanning system and power supply circuit.Television uses electricity to transmit moving visual images in real time.Similar to movies, television makes use of the visual residual effect of human eyes to gradually change the still image from frame to frame to form a visual moving image.The system’s TELEVISION transmitter converts detailed parts of the scene into electrical signals in terms of brightness and chromaticity, which are then transmitted in turn.3. One of the factors we need to consider when buying a TV is the size of the TV set, which is determined by measuring the diagonal length of the screen.For example, a 42-inch TV means that the diagonal length of the TV screen is 42 inches, or about 106.68 centimeters.