Liu Guoliang mansion big exposure, light living room value of 1 million, can play ping-pong skills at any time

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Who comes to mind first when you mention Guo Ping?Could it be Marlon?Zhang Jike?Many people should be thinking of the country ping’s leader Liu Guoliang, once by the Commentary in Taiwan province called: do not understand the ball fat!Yes, he is. Liu Guoliang has been fighting with the National Table Tennis Team for several years, and his achievements are numerous. Now it can be said that Liu Guoliang’s position in the Chinese Table Tennis Association is unshakeable.When Liu Guoliang took office as the president of table Tennis Association, he was always the most authoritative spokesman of The national Table Tennis Association, the representative of the national Table Tennis Association, and also the focus of the media. Many people ask what Liu Guoliang’s wife is doing now, a full-time wife?(Obviously not.) So what is Liu guoliang’s annual salary?Behind the glory of China Ping is always concerned by fans, China Ping also dare not have any mistake!Liu Guoliang lives in a mansion and drives an Audi Q7.Someone asked Liu Guoliang’s annual salary exactly how much money, if we want to calculate Liu Guoliang’s salary, in fact, really not much money;First of all, Liu Guoliang is the leader of the army with the rank of senior colonel. His monthly salary is about 10,000 +. As the president of the China Table Tennis Association, he is a public institution, and he also gets part of his salary.It can be said that taking the money to sell cabbage, holding the heart of doing “big business”!But Liu Guoliang lives in a mansion and drives a Q7. Is his salary so low realistic?Chairman Liu Guoliang certainly does not point to his own dead salary, according to the regulations of The Chinese Sports Bureau, all the players’ bonus income should be first entered into the book of the Chinese sports Bureau, and then the distribution according to work, the Chinese table tennis team wins the championship every year, the bonus is as much as ten million, plus a variety of advertising and endorsement fees, is bound to Liu Guoliang is not poor!Said a little story here, liu guoliang is not for a period of time as the Chinese table tennis team coach, you remember, at that time, liu guoliang also participated in variety, and even real estate business cooperation, jointly create the weihai city, the new district of the south China sea sports commercial real estate development, spend $500 brothers, liu guoliang such character is not pointing to the salary of life!(I said not wang Nan’s husband Guo Bin development, do you believe hahaha) Liu Guoliang’s family is also very rich!Liu Guoliang’s wife is also a table tennis player, because Liu Guoliang resolutely chose to go abroad to play, and finally returned to choose to marry liu Guoliang!Liu Guoliang’s daughter-in-law is not an ordinary role, is the CEO of a sports equipment company, the annual salary is not less than Liu Guoliang, Liu Guoliang’s father-in-law was the table tennis coach in Liaoning province, after retirement also engaged in the production of sports equipment, founded the brand, it can be seen that Liu Guoliang’s family rich degree!This income is ordinary a dead wage, all crush our ordinary fans, let alone participate in activities, endorsement, can top today’s young people struggle for 10 years!Liu Guoliang’s villa living room big exposure!Lu Yu interviewed Liu Guoliang at that time, the interview place is Liu Guoliang’s home, at that time Liu Guoliang is in the living room, is to countless table tennis racket signature, ah, how I wish xiaobian also have a racket for Liu Guoliang to sign a name what!Liu Guoliang’s living room probably has 70 square meters, (many people the whole house is also 70 square meters) in the middle of the living room with a table tennis table, covering an area of about 4 square meters, usually nothing to play a table tennis, easily!It is said that Liu Guoliang had tested the talent of his two daughters in table tennis at home, but the most talented eldest son liked golf, and the eldest daughter said her favorite player was Ma Long!Every age will ask Liu Guoliang, 9 years old when Ma Long got what results?11 years old Malone got what results, Liu Guoliang in front of Luyu appears very helpless, because at that time he did not understand Malone, said so miraculous, let her daughter to chase!(Liu Guoliang is too naughty) Liu Guoliang’s luxury is more than 10 million per square meter in Beijing, plus their own decoration, only a sitting room can achieve 1 million YUAN, it may be said that luxury ah!Q7 Audi car xiaobian is not much to explain, because the hearts of fans will certainly be able to have a approximate price!There are a lot of rich people in China. Why are there few people who make fun of them?I am not dirty men’s football team, the others country ping is serious to get, is the hard work out of the bonus, with what people feel guilty?What somebody else takes is the serious salary, because the country ping’s honor share bonus and the advertisement endorsement fee, and Liu Guoliang also held that heart!And the country ping rarely dropped out of the sub-situation, but also for the country to fight for the honor, which sports often sweep the headache of the world?B: I’m afraid not. Anyway, the men’s and women’s table tennis teams achieved three five-star red flags in the 2008 Olympic Games. I think they deserve this high income!Chinese men’s football team, you also learn the country ping, you than the country ping income is higher, ok!Really drunk) liu guoliang lover a retired businessman, is also a laptop hoping to make money, so bear to the mansion and others are his inheritance, (for children to play golf, that is not the average person can practice, need very solid) hope the ping can under the guidance of liu guoliang is getting better and better, small make up also believe that will be better and better!China ping rich is also a good thing!As the saying goes, people who have seen money are not greedy for money. It is definitely a good thing for the country ping to carry out a virtuous cycle. As long as you work hard and win honor for the country, you can meet your ideal in life, rather than being opportunistic and worldly wise!So xiaobian alludes to some projects I will not mention, more sensitive, fans you understand good!