More than 200 listed companies disclose 2021 earnings bulletins

2022-05-12 0 By

New energy and other industries eye-catching A – share listed companies in 2021 performance express and annual reports have been disclosed.China Securities Journal reporters on February 18 found that the performance exceeded expectations of stocks accounted for a high proportion of new energy, electronics, semiconductors, biomedicine and other emerging industries anticipate a large number of companies.More than expected stock performance forecast, Wind data shows that as of the evening of the 18th, A total of 2556 companies disclosed 2021 annual performance forecast, A total of 1482 companies, accounting for about 57.98%.Among them, 209 have increased slightly, 289 have turned a loss, 30 continue to make a profit and 954 are expected to increase.Has disclosed 2021 annual performance forecast of listed companies, the overall maintain good performance growth.Some companies have outperformed agency expectations.Reporters combing found that Wind data shows that in the disclosure of 2021 annual performance forecast of the company, 1129 companies have institutions to give the market consensus expectations of specific data, including 219 companies in the performance forecast disclosed net profit lower limit exceeds institutional expectations.In terms of performance announcements, Wind data showed that as of the evening of 18, a total of 207 companies disclosed 2021 annual performance announcements.Among them, 192 companies achieved year-on-year growth in operating revenue, accounting for 92.75%;The net profits attributable to shareholders of 172 companies increased year-on-year, accounting for 83.09%.Of the companies that have announced their 2021 results, 52 have previously disclosed their forecasts.Reporter carding discovers, the net profit of these companies exceeds the lower limit of net profit of forecast of performance before all.In addition, 7 companies 2021 annual performance of the report disclosed net profit data more than 2021 annual performance forecast upper limit.In terms of annual reports, Wind data showed that as of Monday evening, a total of 12 companies disclosed their 2021 annual reports, with 8 companies achieving year-on-year growth in operating revenue and 7 companies achieving year-on-year growth in net profit.From an industry perspective, in 2021, cyclical sectors such as steel, coal, non-ferrous metals and chemical industry and emerging industries such as new energy, electronics, semiconductors and biomedicine are expected to see a large number of listed companies.Continuous expansion of production capacity, main product sales volume and price rise has become the main reason for the substantial pre-increase in the performance of listed companies.Take the new energy industry chain as an example. Under the influence of the continuous rise of the penetration rate of the new energy vehicle market, the prosperity of the lithium battery and other related industry chains is rising rapidly, and the number of companies with substantial growth in performance is relatively high.According to northeast Securities Research report, the median growth rate of net profit of companies that have disclosed their 2021 annual performance forecasts was 44.6 percent.Among them, in the cyclical sector, the median growth rate of net profit of oil and petrochemical companies was 128.4%, non-ferrous metals 104.5%, and basic chemicals 101.3%.Among growth companies, the median net profit growth of electronics companies was 65.5 percent year-on-year.It is expected that the growth rate of the new energy vehicle industry chain in 2022 is still high, and the upstream battery and material suppliers will be in the boom cycle.Yang Delong, executive general manager of Qianhai Open Source Fund, told reporters that in clean energy, focus on new energy vehicles, wind power, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy industry.As one of the industries with relatively stable performance growth, the consumer industry has a certain valuation advantage.Yang Delong stressed that the current A share market is in A differentiated stage, “performance is king” should be the main stock selection ideas, blue chips may be the focus of capital.