The spring go | warm winter passed, at the grass-roots level care warm the heart

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Winter warm transfer, organization care warm heart.Around the Spring Festival, tengchong Squadron has carried out various visiting activities to convey the “warmth” of the organization’s care and care to the hearts of firefighters, the families of the people in need, and the hands of the frontline duty members, so that the organization’s care and care can warm the hearts of the people.The Spring Festival is coming, and the feeling of cold is deep.The Squadron actively carries out visits to the families of firefighters in difficulties in the station, and extends sincere blessings and high respect to the families of firefighters who have been fully supporting and silently contributing.Firefighter Wang Chenghao only has his 83-year-old grandmother living alone in the countryside, and the family conditions are relatively difficult, which has always been the concern of Comrade Wang Chenghao.After understanding the situation, squadron captain Qin Zhiming led the team to the home, to send holiday greetings and blessings to the grandmother, to understand the life and physical condition of the old man, asked the old man must pay attention to the body, told Wang Chenghao in the squadron work performance, and told the grandmother not to worry.Grandma saw everyone’s visit, very happy, excited to say: “thank the squadron for the care and training of my chenghao, Chenghao into the team has changed a lot, never thoughtful ignorant child has become the pillar of the family, he in the forest fire team I rest assured, thank you.The Tengchong Squadron took advantage of the occasion to visit more than ten families of firefighters in the area. They not only got to know the details of their families, but also sent Spring Festival greetings to convey the warmth, which truly achieved the heart-warming work.Good news into the door to send New Year’s blessing a meritorious service, the whole family glory.Recently, in Luoping Village, Guodong Town, Tengchong City, the sound of drums was loud, and the villagers were jubilant. A banner reading “Warm congratulations to Comrade Gao Peirong for his third-class merit award” was hung high. Leaders of tengchong Squadron and local emergency department jointly delivered the good news to gao Peirong’s family and sent wishes for the New Year.”Merit husband inside the team, is the cultivation of the organization, is his own efforts, our whole family proud of him, because he was proud, and then we will continue to support his work, also wish the baoshan city forest fire crews all fire rescue workers festival happiness, every time disaster relief can be safely” Gao Peirong excitedly said to his wife.Gao Peirong himself is still sticking to the line of duty in Guangxi, can only witness this glorious moment through video.The squadron also took the online form for Yin Jianpeng’s family to send good news.Convey warm sympathy to the residents in difficulty at the end of the year cold, warm feelings.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, five fire rescue workers from Tengchong Squadron of Baoshan Detachment went into the homes of residents with their strong New Year wishes.With the drizzle, condolences group a line of people with rice, noodles, fruits, meat and other caffeine arts came to phoenix mountain residence, of the management to make daily quiet house suddenly busy up, squadron chief to talk with rangers, broad, inquired about health, family life, told them to take good care of yourself, and wish them good health and a happy family.The ranger said with emotion: “You are not our family members but more like family members, on holidays, always thinking about us, we are very happy.”Finally, the ranger expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the fire and rescue personnel of the squadron and sent Chinese New Year wishes.Deep sympathy on duty at the grass-roots level a gleam of fire rescue workers annual 4, sunny, baoshan detachment Zhang Yongfu commissar with a team of the party committee of holiday wishes successively into the tengchong city to phoenix mountain national forest park, YunFengShan on duty on the line, see condolences to stand in a line of the staff on duty during the holiday, holiday wishes and sincere greetings to you,And condolence money.”Comrades, hard work!I today on behalf of the team of the party committee of condolences to everyone, in the together time, you can leave home for everyone, their lives are on duty on the line, with hard work and pay the security post the Christmas holidays, people in the high respect and cordial sympathy goes to you, I wish you all a happy New Year, New Year healthy body, the horse, “said zhang, deputy political commissar.After listening to the head of the speech, the squadron of all the fire and rescue personnel deeply felt the care of the organization, encouraged, the fatigue of duty and preparation for war instantly disappeared, have said to stick to the front line, when the people “night watchman”, live up to the care of the organization.Winter to resist the warmth, tengchong squadron in the New Year festival continued to carry out the “heart-warming activities”, make the winter much a warmth, further on the tree all the fire rescue personnel dedicated to the cause of forest fire beliefs, pull close the distance squadron with local people, the next step, squadron will continue to carry out “heart-warming activities” love, expand to send warm areas,Continue to convey the warmth of the organization.