Amazing!Xishi university outstanding students “immortal notes” exposure!Net friend: this is the real outstanding student

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Xi ‘an Shiyou University (XI ‘an Shiyou University) has launched its undergraduate education for spring semester 2022 by online teaching on January 3, 2022.During the online learning period, students do not relax and do not settle, listen carefully and take notes in class.Take a look at their amazing notes in this issue!As the saying goes: a bad pen is better than a good memory.In learning, students need to combine their eyes, brain and hands to deepen their memory and lay a solid foundation in the process of writing.Line by line, paragraph by paragraph, students’ thoughts and wisdom flow on the paper.Blue, red, yellow…Different color blocks interweave, so that the key points and difficult points in the text are clear, reflecting the students’ own logical thinking, but also can look pleasant.Such neat notes contain students’ deep thoughts, and make the final review more simple and efficient.With the development of technology, the situation of notes is not limited to the paper version.Students make good use of electronic devices and store endless culture in them.Bright and clean background board, with bright colors of the text, the whole interface focus on the key points and supplementary content, so that the notes have a strong appreciation.At the same time, electronic storage also reduces the use of paper, students do not need to carry thick notebooks all day long, as long as they have electronic devices and accounts, they can study and review the classroom knowledge anytime and anywhere, making learning more efficient.With vivid words and pictures, it shows the profound cultural heritage of China. With simple pictures, it makes this note more vivid.Simple pictures make complex laws intuitive and knowledge “fresh”.Both the composition of the circuit and the collection of oil and gas are made clear in the drawings that are readily available between lectures.Pictures interspersed in the text make the notes more interesting and show infinite thinking on the limited white paper.A stroke, outline thinking;Word by word, imprint learning.Even in difficult times, the students did not forget to keep their feet on the ground and work hard to irrigate the fruits of learning!For more exciting information, please pay attention to the “Xi ‘an Shiyou University Recruitment” headline number!This article material source: Xi ‘an Shiyou University official micro blog, spring of foreign languages, stone Work youth