Fok qigang’s children all appeared, wearing zhang Yimou’s coat to watch the Winter Olympics!The little daughter has cute feet

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On the evening of February 4th, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held.Not kui is to come from “national teacher” the hand of zhang Yimou of level, every detail of the spot all do just right, especially a stray “pigeon”, be dragged back by companions, that scene of a happy reunion, do not know to see how many national audience cried.Of course, such an important opening ceremony, how can huo Qigang Guo Jingjing family?It is reported that Fok and his three children watched the exciting moment in front of the TV early that night.Fok has always had a soft spot for such sporting events, and this one was no exception.After watching the opening ceremony of the incredible, fok on social platform post sigh with emotion: “YQ under a big games it is hard to imagine is difficult, but the country can still hold global high-profile event, the teams from all over the world feel at home, really very proud of being a Chinese!”Fok qigang and Guo Jingjing treat their children’s education way is a lot of rich families, they will not indulge their children, more often, to teach their children the way of correct outlook on life, values.Parents should learn from this.Watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on TV last night, I believe many netizens will stand up to greet the solemn moment when the national flag is raised and the national anthem is played.Fok’s three children, wearing down jackets with the red logo of “CHINA” in the same frame as Zhang Yimou’s, stood upright in front of the TV to watch the flag-raising ceremony. The picture was so harmonious.Eight-year-old Huo Zhongxi stood in the middle, holding a sister with both hands, “brother force” burst.As the eldest son of the Huo family, Huo Qigang and his wife are very strict in their education of Huo Zhongxi, cultivating his fine tradition of thrift from an early age.In addition, Fok would take him to do charity work from time to time to teach his son to have a charitable heart.And the youngest daughter huo Zhongyi only 3 years old, under the guidance of elder brother sister appears extremely clever.Wearing this long Olympic down jacket, it’s adorable.Since guo jingjing retired from the army and married into the Huo family, she has devoted almost all her attention to her family, especially to the care and education of her three children. As a mother, she has been working hard.Of course, the husband Huo Qigang is not idle, even if the career is very busy, will take out time to accompany their children to grow up, the husband and wife division of labor is clear, work together to create so good three children.