I only practiced for one year and won!Gu Ailing, ranked TOP 0.4% in the United States, tells you what is a “Real outstanding student”

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A young people’s party, attracted the International Olympic Committee president Bach to watch the games — today, the history of the first Olympic Winter Games freestyle ski big jump gold medal was born in shougang big jump: gu Ailing, the attention of the perfect performance, finally with the third round of challenging the limit of a jump against many excellent competitors, won the gold medal!As one of the new events in 2022, freestyle ski big jump has a strong visual impact.The athlete has to slide down a slope of nearly 50 meters in either a smooth or a backslide, and then jump into the air at the end of the slope, performing flips, twists and grabs.In the final jump, Gu gave it a go, challenged herself with 1620 and landed safely.She became the first woman in the world to complete such a difficult task, and finally won the gold medal with a total of 188.25 points.As a matter of fact, gu’s freestyle skiing big jump is only her minor event, and she has been training for just over a year.But her intelligence and understanding make her competitive in this project.Gu entered the final in eighth place according to the qualifying results.In the first round of the competition, Gu Ailing chose the difficulty of 1440 with a right spin and a high quality finish with 93.75 points, ranking second.France’s Tess Ludd ranked first with 94.50 points.The second jump, which is generally a bad move in this round, made more mistakes than the first jump.Gu used textbook style to score 88.50 points on her 1080 to the left, placing her third with a total of 182.25.Gu had to score more than 93.75 in the third round to have any hope of winning the gold medal, as her two jumps were the best of the three rounds.This round of appearance order is the previous two rounds of results in reverse order, Gu Ailing last third appearance.The early ones, they’re relaxed, they’re just enjoying themselves and pushing themselves to the limit.But the real showdown, is the last five contestants, they toward the podium to launch a challenge.Gu Ailing came on stage, with a relaxed expression and a perfect landing with a flying grasping board. The left-axis 1620 was a breakthrough for Gu Ailing. She did something she had never tried before, and gu Was so excited that she covered her face and cried after landing.94.50 points!Gold medal!”This is the happiest day and the happiest second of my life,” Gu said.I tried the most difficult move ever done by a girl in history, I wanted to show what I could do and I’m so glad I did it!”Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland, who won the bronze medal, said, “It’s great that Gu Finished 1620 in her home country today.Because she’s never done it before.I tried 1620 before, but the grip wasn’t very stable, she was really good.””I used to be a full-time student, going to school Monday through Friday, and maybe only skiing 65 days a year.2020 was the first year I skied full-time, and I felt like I had a lot of training time, so I was really comfortable with my routine and knew I was going to land every time.”Gu once said she was so happy to have more time to ski.After her high SAT scores and her status as a new Stanford student became widely known, Gu’s interest went from breaking the ice to teaching.On December 14, 2020, Gu announced that she had been admitted to Stanford University, an Ivy League university in the US.Her SAT score was 1580 out of 1600.On Zhihu, there are questions such as: “What was skier Gu Ailing’s SAT score of 1580?””That means she probably made one mistake out of all the grammar reading and math questions,” said A senior TOEFL and SAT trainer.According to the annual exam rankings, she should be in the top 1% of all students taking exams.”You’re in the top 1%!”When dazzled, Gu came up with a more precise figure: “The top 0.4 per cent.”With a Stanford mother and a Harvard father, Gu is often asked if the “tiger mother” is responsible for her success.Gu does not deny that her mother has had a huge influence on her, describing her as “very powerful, very confident and very brave”.Gu also mentioned her strict, studious and encouraging grandmother many times.”I set the most difficult goal for myself because my grandma told me, ‘Don’t be afraid. What scares you, is it because it’s hard?Is it because you don’t think you can do it?But you can do anything.”When these goals arise, my mother provides guidance and encouragement.At the age of three or four, Gu asked her mother what were the best universities in the world and the most difficult ones to get into.The answer was always Stanford, where her mother went.”From then on, I thought I had to go to Stanford.”Column editor: Chen Hua The author of this article: Gong Jieyun text editor: Gong Jieyun