In yunnan province in 1964, farmers dug up 5,000 jin of “gold house”. Why did it contain blue human bones

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A farmer in Yunnan province dug up a “golden house” weighing 5,000 jin by accident.Farmers out of curiosity to dig it out, only to know that it was a huge coffin, which also contains weird blue bones, immediately scared legs soft, straight call “unlucky”.Who knows, this news sensationalized the entire academic circle, the local government also specially sent militia to guard day and night.What was the origin of this huge “golden house”?And what about the blue skeletons?The discovery of this “golden house” was quite accidental.In March 1963, Li Wanyin, a plmason living in Dabona Village, Liuchang Town, Xiangyun County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan province, was working in the field with other villagers when he felt he had shovelled something.But because earning points was more important at the time, Li ignored it and kept working.But the strange touch of the shovel left a deep impression on Li, which he could not forget for a long time.After a year, Li Wanyin still could not forget this matter, so he found four people, ready to dig out what had troubled him for a whole year.Photo: The place where the stone tablet stands is where the “golden House” was discovered. Li Wan-eun first found a man named Zhao De, a carpenter in the village.After the two men had dug, the other three men joined them.After some digging, a black piece of wood rose from the earth and was struck with a spade and felt very strong.Zhao De, a carpenter, looked at the wood and felt it. He thought it was made of good wood, probably ebony, which was not seen in the area.The wood, long unseen, appeared in the ground, and everyone realized that what was buried beneath might be old.Some people said they could use it to make chopsticks without painting it.Zhao de thought it was the best material to use as a pusher.They went on digging, trying to dig out the wood, but the longer they dug, the longer they dug, and the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug, the longer they dug.Zhao de they were quite happy, feel that Li Wanyin did not help in vain, dug up something that everyone can use.But little did they know that they would soon stop laughing.Figure: That year dug out a part of the wood 5 people used a variety of methods, dig and pry, along the exposed wood to work hard, the results did not expect to dig down but there is water seepage out, and more and more.Li Wanyin they quickly around to the side, Li Wanyin also found a stick, toward the seepage of groundwater, testing to poke down.With his action, people in the field clearly heard a “dong Dong dong” sound, Li Wanyin also said that the stick hit something, but what exactly is, no one is clear.The sky gradually turned dark, Li Wanyin they suppressed curiosity, until the next day early in the morning, and together to continue to dig.By this time, the underground water had receded, so they dug up the earth and took out the wood, only to find that what had been in the middle of the pit was a metal “house.”I don’t know how long it had been buried in the earth. When the “house” was dug out, it was stained with rust, but some dim light could be seen under the light, which suddenly looked like black gold.On the surface of the “house”, there are many densely arranged triangles and double lines.One of the villagers was fetching water when he stepped on the slanted roof of the ‘house’. Before anyone could see what it was, the slanted roof of the ‘house’ suddenly split open and the unfortunate villager fell into the ‘house’.Li Wanyin jumped in with a hoe and carefully pulled the contents. First he pulled out two rings like bracelets and then a long piece of “wood”.But he took a look, suddenly felt cold sweat crawling back.That long thing is not “wood”, but a piece of blue covered with a large bone!Li Wanyin instantly figured out where they had dug ebony and “big house”, which was clearly an ancient tomb!After realizing that the “big house” dug out from the ground is actually a tomb with a peculiar shape, Li Wanyin zhao De and other 5 people are inevitably scared some legs soft.They were superstitious and thought it was unlucky to dig out someone’s coffin. When they climbed out of the “house”, Li Wanyin and the villager kept saying “hapless, hapless”.When he calmed down, Li Wanyin ventured to inspect the house again and found that the roof of the house was herring-shaped and the coffin was a cuboid made of seven detachable bronze plates.Li Wanyin and others began to open the coffin, with a borrowed cart to push the “house” to the water’s edge to wash.They did not expect this coffin has such a heavy, 5 people carefully pushed the car back to Li Wanyin home, one by one on the scale, the coffin unexpectedly has 5000 pounds.At that time, people generally do not have the concept of cultural relics, Li Wanyin they will “house” disassembly after taking home, along the way to harvest a large number of eyes, the villagers feel that they five people can make a fortune, even if not to sell, will be divided into these things, made copper pot copper basin, has let the villagers very envy.Li Wanyin they did not want to deal with the “house”, at this time, the village secretary learned that the news rushed over from Li Wanyin mouth learned the ins and outs, immediately realized that this is not a small thing, hurriedly sent militia to dig them out of the “house” place to protect, at the same time will report the matter to the superior.Archaeological experts from the province quickly arrived and were shocked at first sight of the “house”.The villagers thought the “house” was made of black gold, but it was actually a coffin made of bronze and worth more than gold.Because this copper coffin is thousands of years old, just the historical value it carries is extraordinary.It is called “balustring-like coffin”, which is made of seven copper plates using mortises (S ǔ N) and covered with adult shape.The entire copper coffin is about 2 meters long, 62 centimeters wide and 64 centimeters high. It was originally supported by a huge wooden support, which was sealed with mud between the wooden supports. At the bottom, a large amount of charcoal and lime, which can be used to prevent moisture, were placed to form an enclosed chamber, which has been preserved to this day.In addition to the triangular and double-line patterns covered on the top cover, there are also a large number of echo patterns on the two sides of the copper coffin, and the two horizontal walls are cast with animal patterns mainly eagle and swallow, as well as tigers, leopards, wild boar, deer, water birds and other animals.These patterns are quite exquisite, the animal form is lifelike, the realism is very strong, and the modelling is chic, give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment.The casting process of the copper coffin itself is also very superb, rao is well-informed scholars after seeing it is also surprised.Subsequently, the archaeological experts in the leadership of the villagers, came to the discovery of the copper coffin, after the field survey, experts believe that the copper coffin was originally a wooden coffin, and the burial of the copper coffin is a shaft pit, 2.3 meters from the ground, the bottom of the tomb to the mouth of the tomb is 4 meters.The tomb should have been buried deep underground, but for some reason it was exposed and later discovered by Li Wanyin when he was digging in the field.The site of the tomb is located on the southeast slope of a stone hill, a quarry opened a few years ago to repair the runway of the military airport.To facilitate transportation, a railroad track was added to the neighborhood, creating an eight-foot steep slope just northwest of the tomb.So, originally located in the back side of the mugwakgo was exposed, just let Li Wanyin found, this gave the world the opportunity to explore the traces of the ancient past.These problems solved, experts are still not satisfied.Because in subsequent excavations, they found some human bones, which turned out to be blue.”Big Brains there”?Archaeologists were excavating and cleaning the burial site where the copper coffin was found when the blue bones were found.A large number of cultural relics have been unearthed here, some of which are weapons, such as copper spears and swords;Some are daily articles, such as cups, buckets, spoons;In addition, there are Musical Instruments, farm implements and scepters, as well as bronze figurines of six livestock, including pigs, cows, sheep and horses.Among them, the bronze statue of the horse also sits a knight, which once caused experts to debate.Because in ancient times, horseback riding like this has always been the preserve of ancient northern grassland culture.During the excavation, archaeologists also found a large number of human bones, apparently a large burial site.Surprisingly, most of these bones have a peculiar blue color.Could this blue stuff have anything to do with how these people died?After identification, experts concluded that the burial site belonged to a secondary grave, meaning that the large number of remains were buried there later.Almost all of them belonged to people between the ages of 20 and 25, and the substance that gave them their blue color was a mineral called ferrous phosphate.Experts believe that after the young men died, the remains underwent some kind of treatment that gave them their blue color.That is, the substance may have had nothing to do with how they died, and could have been a unique burial custom prevalent at the time.But it also adds to the mystery of who owns the copper coffin.Carbon-14 dating shows that the copper coffin is more than 2,300 years old and was cast in the early Warring States Period.The bronze coffin was found in the “Da Bona” village, its name is named in the White language, has been used since the Warring States period, can be understood as “the big mind there”.In connection with this, archaeological experts speculate that the owner of the copper coffin must not be an ordinary person, but a powerful person who could enjoy a lavish burial and would use a large number of young people’s remains for “second burial”.Some scholars believe that the tomb belonged to ‹ (Qi āo), the chu and Dian wang zhuang ð, who is believed to have been the first historical figure in mainland China to exploit the yunnan frontier, and was able to afford his “big mind”.However, some scholars disagree, believing that the tomb owner is a “Kunming nationality” that existed from the early Warring States Period to the Western Han Dynasty, or one of the Kings of the ancient Baizi Kingdom.But up to today, experts and scholars have not reached an agreed conclusion.But refused to deny that, in our country have been unearthed in the history of the nobles in the coffin, only the “floating clouds big Bob that copper coffins” is made of bronze, it has unique value in the world, now is collected in yunnan province museum, silent and show a history of one thousand years, attracted many tourists from home and abroad.