Nord fund Xie Yi: repression factors are turning fundamentals are the biggest driving force of share prices

2022-05-13 0 By

Nord fund manager Xie Yi comment 3.16 market today market rebound is relatively strong, mainly a number of early suppression of the market factors began to have a turning point, or close to reverse.As far as the situation in Ukraine is concerned, the president’s television address has made it quite clear that Ukraine may not seek to join NATO again, or will become a neutral zone.The Russian side also said that the two sides are close to substantive progress.That gave the market considerable comfort.Secondly, the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates will also be announced tonight, and the probability is still small.A rate hike is already fully priced in, and landing could be the time for a reversal.Finally, domestically, economic data have stabilised and we believe the recovery in subsequent months will unfold in sequence, with rising fundamentals providing the biggest driver for stock prices.In particular, at today’s special meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Committee, the management gave relatively clear guidance that monetary policy should be proactive, new loans should increase moderately, and the real estate sector should defuse systemic risks.This has provided a strong policy guarantee for the economic rebound.In addition, the current suppression of the level of confidence in the stock market, and the concept of stocks in the problem.At the meeting, the management also said that Chinese and American regulators have maintained good communication and made positive progress, and the two sides are committed to forming specific cooperation plans.This has also greatly eased concerns about overseas Chinese stocks and Hong Kong stocks.Given the positive factors, we believe the epidemic will not be a substantial obstacle to economic recovery.Therefore, we remain optimistic about the follow-up market and have confidence in the market for the whole year.# A-share strong rebound gem index up 5.2%# Disclaimer: This content is owned by Nord Fund Management Co., LTD., for reference only.This content may not be published, reproduced or modified in any form without written authorization from Nordisk Fund Management Co., LTD.This content is based on publicly available information that Nordisk Fund Management Limited and its researchers believe to be credible, but Nordisk Fund Management Limited makes no warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of such information, and the information or opinions expressed do not constitute investment advice in the securities or classes described,Nordisk Fund Management Limited also disclaims any liability of investors arising from the use of this content.Risk tip: any investment is associated with risk, the higher the expected return also means the higher the investment risk.Before you invest in any financial product, you must make a reasonable allocation of your assets according to your own capital status, investment term, return requirements and risk tolerance, and realize investment returns under the premise of controlling risks.Investment is risky and must be chosen carefully.