Overdue gold medal!The 31-year-old veteran, who had been “dragged down” by her teammates, consoled her teammates

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Overdue gold medal!The 31-year-old veteran, who had been “slowed down” by her teammates, finally realized her dream. She comforted her teammates’ excited hearts and trembling hands. The 31-year-old veteran could not believe her ranking after the race, and kept asking others: “Am I really the first?”Someone answered, “Yes, you are!”Xu Mengtao of China made history by helping her country win its first gold medal in 28 years in the women’s aerials freestyle skiing event.After 16 years of waiting for the gold medal, Xu Mengtao, as a real player, should have won the gold medal if she had not been “dragged down” by her teammates.Xu Mengtao, Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang competed in the freestyle aerials mixed team competition.Xu Mengtao’s first jump was very wonderful, jumping out of the women’s highest difficulty and obtained a high score of 106.03, ranking the first female competitors.The performance was so perfect that the second American jumper took the initiative to increase the difficulty to 5.0, and they performed flawlessly.The pressure was on Jia, who mislanded and scored 39 points less than the American, leaving a huge gap between the two teams.After the team competition, China ranked second and won the silver medal.Not afraid of god like opponents, afraid of not to the team.Xu Mengtao is the team’s best performer, but can only win a silver medal, no one will be happy.Besides, this is the Olympic event at home, or my last Olympic Games, it is really a pity not to win the championship.Xu Mengtao is a very generous person, take the initiative to embrace and comfort jia Zongyang who is not playing well, she said: “we are a team, no one can do without each other, this project is very accidental, everyone played very well.”In fact, did anyone notice Xu mengtao’s face when she wore the silver medal?Her tears or flow out, a strong player only got the runner-up, the heart will be unwilling.The fate of a person who perseveres will give her a satisfactory return.Xu Mengtao finally realized her dream at the Beijing Winter Olympics after failing to win a gold medal in two consecutive Olympic Games.Defying the highest difficulty of 4.293 coefficient, Xu mengtao got a score of 108.61. Kneeling excitedly in the snow, wearing the National flag, crying and Shouting, this is the release of pressure after four years of perseverance, this is also the ecstasy after reaching the goal.”You did an incredible job. Congratulations to you for winning the championship in your home country,” said Caldwell.Most athletes will leave regrets in their career, but Xu Mengtao was really lucky. She proved herself with strength after being “dragged down” by her teammates and won the gold medal that was late.Xu mengtao won 27 world titles, ranked no. 1 in the world for 6 years and broke world records for many times through continuous struggle. She lacked some luck to win the Olympic title before.Today, she beats luck with talent and hard work, and does it again until she wins. That spirit deserves our respect and learning.